Round ’em Up: Monday

7 07 2008

UPDATE 07-07-08 3:14 pm How about a few more afternoon reads?

  • Corey Hart has a small lead in the All-Star Game final vote.  Keep voting for Corey!
  • Jonathan Mayo from breaks down the prospects Milwaukee gave up to land CC Sabathia – I guess there are no periods between the ‘C’s. I just learned that. Sorry, CC.
  • Jim Molony from says the Sabathia will cause a ripple effect as we near the trade deadline. The Wild Card almost certainly will come from the NL Central, with the Cardinals, Brewers, and Cubs fighting over the division lead. It may cause some teams that were sitting on the fence to become sellers before July 31st.Molony also says the Cubs are taking this Sabathia deal very seriously. The team has almost been forced to make a move for a starting pitcher. Does Chicago’s farm system have the prospects needed, however? Unless they include big league talent, I believe it does not. The Cardinals, on the other hand, are now firmly in the market for the likes of Matt Herges and Brian Fuentes. I doubt one of those two will make the difference down the stretch, but the Cards now know they have to get another player.
  • J.J. Hardy has been named the National League Player of the Week for last week. Is there anyone else it possibly could have been? There is not a human being that is hotter than Hardy right now.
  • This CC Sabathia trade has already boosted ticket sales for the Crew. This morning the team sold 10,000 individual tickets to games at Miller Park for the rest of the season. Normally, Milwaukee sells 500 tickets each morning on the phone.3,000 tickets have been bought for tomorrow night’s game already. Sabathia will get his first start as a Milwaukee Brewers, and everyone wants to be a witness to it. Hell, I already bought my tickets to the game. I’m driving from Appleton to be a part of it. Say hello to higher revenues Mark Attanasio. Say hello to a higher payroll Milwaukee.


Well…naturally, there is a whole lotta news out there today. So let’s get to it.

  • In case you have not heard, C.C. Sabathia is now a Milwaukee Brewer. Doug Melvin has agreed to send OF Matt Laporta, LHP Zach Jackson, RHP Rob Bryson, and a player to be named later. How did Melvin convince Cleveland that Zach Jackson had positive trade value?
  • A press conference happened today. Doug Melvin said the much improved play of the team really sparked the deal. He also mentioned that if fans were not coming out to the ballpark in record numbers, this trade would not have happened. That shows what a dedicated fan base can do for a team. Keep going to the ballpark everyone! It does make a difference.
  • On to something I am quite concerned about. is saying the Player to be Named Later may not be 3B Taylor Green. If it was going to be someone not as good, the deal would become an absolute steal. That may not be the case, however. The blog is saying CF Michael Brantley may be the last player involved in the deal. Let me say, please no. Brantley has quickly become one of my favorite prospects, and I believe he’s more valuable than LaPorta down on the farm because he is good at everything. With Grady Sizemore in center, Brantley probably doesn’t fit with Cleveland, but I can understand why they want him included in the deal. I just hope the rumor is not true, as I would then think Doug Melvin got swindled in this deal. Yes, one prospect can make that big of a deal in the power balance of a trade.
  • Ken Rosenthal from FOX Sports says that the Dodgers made a strong push to try to get Sabathia and Casey Blake. That would have been a blockbuster trade. They have shifted their gears to Pittsburgh shortstop Jack Wilson. The New York Yankees were also heavily involved, which is news to me.
  • In a different update, Ken Rosenthal discusses the power shift in today’s game. Prospects are power. Small and mid-market teams can compete with big-market teams if they handle their prospects properly. Rosenthal says the Dodgers may have a better farm system than the Brewers, but they are too afraid to trade prospects for big league talent. He argues the Dodgers could be a much better team if they employed the strategy Milwaukee did this week. It’s not all about money anymore.
  • The Chicago-Sun Times says that the Chicago Cubs are now pushing hard for Rich Harden from the Oakland A’s. I’m not sure Chicago has the pieces to get this done. A.J. Burnett is probably a better fit for them, as they could move Ronny Cedeno to Toronto. I cannot help but think Milwaukee just forced Chicago’s hand on this one.
  • The New York Times blog says that Doug Melvin and the Milwaukee Brewers are not done before the trade deadline. Joel Sherman brings up a few names: George Sherrill, B.J. Ryan, and the most interesting Joakim Soria from the Royals.
  • WaitingForNextYear is wondering how much this trade will affect the Cleveland Indians in the next few years. How long will it be before they are next in contention? If Matt LaPorta can provide some offensive fireworks in 2009, they may have the tools to rebuild faster than people believe.
  • Take a look at C.C. Sabathia’s home page. He looks pretty good in a Brewers uniform, yes? (A tip of the cap to Chuckie Hacks for that one.)
  • Lost in the shuffle of the Sabathia news, Brew Crew Pub has a series preview of the Brewers-Rockies series starting tonight.
  • Both The Junkball Blues and Between the Green Pillars have a lot of reservations about the package Milwaukee gave up to Cleveland. If Taylor Green is the other player, the package is probably about the best possible scenario for the Brewers. If Michael Brantley will be included in the deal, Milwaukee gave up too much in the deal.
  • The Yost Infection says “Yes Please” to the Sabathia deal.
  • In-Between Hops says the Brewers strategy of drafting the best available player in the draft made this deal possible. If Milwaukee wouldn’t have drafted Matt LaPorta because they were worried about Prince Fielder blocking him, the team wouldn’t have been in position to make this deal. As all Brewers fans now, Jack Zduriencik knows what he’s doing.
  • Right Field Bleachers is looking forward to the playoffs, where C.C. Sabathia and Ben Sheets will be an unbelievable 1-2 punch in a five or seven-game series.
  • The Brew Town Beat writes that the Cardinals and Cubs are now absolutely terrified the Brewers are going to catch them now. My guess is that the Cards are not terrified, as Milwaukee tied them after yesterday’s win, but both teams now realize that Milwaukee is a legitimate contender. Both teams may have just been forced to make a deal they didn’t want to make.
  • Chuckie Hacks believes the Milwaukee Brewers just grew up last night. They have graduated from AAAA ball to the big leagues. I’m not sure I would go that far, but I understand the analogy.
  • Two Fisted Slopper wishes the Brewers would have not had to have traded Matt LaPorta. I understand, but sometimes a deal just has to get done so the Brewers can get to the post-season.
  • Team Wisconsin has given Milwaukee a spot in the playoffs now. They also say that Seth McClung will be the odd-man out in the rotation. Could he even be traded? I doubt it, as Doug Melvin believes the team can never have enough pitching. After Spring Training, I completely agree with that. (Hat tip to Right Field Bleachers)
  • Brewers Bar says the Crew gave up a lot to get the deal finalized, but Brew Town should celebrate now that Sabathia is coming to town.
  • Brewers Fanatics believes Sabathia could actually make a difference at the plate as well. He is a career .300 hitter in 40 at-bats. Unfortunately, I don’t think that means anything, but it’s nice to think about.
  • The Bucky Channel wants to run up and down the streets to celebrate the trade, as do the majority of Brewers fans.

Sweep overshadowed by trade winds

6 07 2008

UPDATE 07-06-08 9:37pm – Tom Haudricourt has more information as to who is included in the deal.  Apparently, the deal included four prospects.

Matt LaPorta is still the centerpiece of the deal.  That is a big blow, but the minor league system is stacked full of guys that can hit but don’t have a position.  LaPorta is replaceable.

LHP Zach Jackson will be on his way to Cleveland.  My reaction?  You can have him Cleveland.  Perhaps a change of scenery is all he needs.  Jackson has been terrible since coming to Milwaukee in the Lyle Overbay trade.

RHP Rob Bryson is also included in the deal.  Rob is a bright young prospect who has struggled a bit this season with a 3-2 record and a 4.25 ERA in 22 outings.  Baseball America thinks that Bryson has the stuff to be a closer in a few years, but that is still years away.  This loss doesn’t hurt the system too much, especially with the tons of pitchers drafted this season.

The deal still includes a “player to be named later.”  Most believe this is still Taylor Green.  Haudricourt believes the Indians want to move him to second base and need more time to scout him.  If they deem Green unfit for second base, there will be another player involved in the deal.

Don’t worry, Brewers fans.  Doug Melvin didn’t give up too much to get last year’s AL Cy Young winner.  Mat Gamel, Alcides Escobar, Angel Salome, Michael Brantley, Brad Nelson, Zach Braddock, Chris Errecart, and Jeremy Jeffress are all safe.  It feels good to say that.


It was not the prettiest win of the season, but the Milwaukee Brewers swept the Pirates this afternoon with offensive fireworks.

Too bad the win got lost in the news that Doug Melvin and the Brewers just agreed in principle to a deal with the Cleveland Indians that will send C.C. Sabathia to Milwaukee for Matt LaPorta and two lower level prospects.

In case you forgot what happened, let me refresh your memory.

After his 16-game hit streak ended last night on a sacrifice bunt, J.J. Hardy started a new streak in a big way this afternoon. In the bottom of the first, the Brewers shortstop snuck one just inside the right field foul poll to start off the scoring. Rickie Weeks started the game off with a walk, so Milwaukee got out to a 2-0 lead quickly.

The lead grew 4-0 after the first once Ryan Braun hit a solo shot, and Bill Hall continued his fine hitting against southpaws with an RBI single that plated Corey Hart.

All looked good for the Crew. That changed in the top of the second when Jeff Suppan gave all four of the runs right back. Soup did not look sharp tonight. The umpire was squeezing him a bit at the bottom of the zone, but that is no excuse for giving up six runs in three innings of work. When your offense spots you four runs in the first inning, you have to maintain that lead and momentum. It appeared to be a long day in the making after the third inning ended.

The bullpen has been taking a lot of heat lately, but the collective group banded together and shut the door on the Pirates for the rest of the game. Ned Yost pulled Soup after three innings and handed the ball to Mitch Stetter, who pitched two scoreless innings and got the win. The ‘pen came through in a big way today, picking up the team after Soup struggled to keep the Pirates off the scoreboard.

Guillermo Mota even looked pretty good. He mixed up his pitches well. The pitch count was quite high for only an inning on the mound, but a scoreless inning should do wonders to help his confidence.

In other news, Ryan Braun is going to be a starter for the NL in the All-Star Game. Congrats, Ryan. You certainly deserve it. You all can also vote for Corey Hart to get the last spot on the squad. Vote, vote, vote!!!

Finally, on to C.C. Sabathia, the newest member of the Milwaukee Brewers. Man, it feels good to say that.

After thinking it over and reading online threads and whatnot, I could not be more excited about this trade for the Brewers. How often can a team get a bona fide Cy Young-caliber pitcher at the trade deadline and not sacrifice anyone completely integral to the team’s future?

Yes, I understand Matt LaPorta is a rare player, but he is blocked in Milwaukee’s system right now. Not to mention, a prospect is a prospect is a prospect. The young man has not proven a thing yet against major league pitching. He may very well be a star in the big leagues, but there are no guarantees. Best take a proven player when given the chance. That is what C.C. brings to the club. He is a proven winner.

It is unclear who the last two prospects are, but one can assume Taylor Green is one of them. The other may be someone like a John Axford or Alexandre Periard. Either way, I firmly believe Doug Melvin gave away more last season to get Scott Linebrink than he is giving away in the C.C. deal, and Milwaukee is receiving much more in return. The 1-2 punch of Ben Sheets and Sabathia is only rivaled by Dan Haren-Brandon Webb in Arizona. That is a legitimate playoff top of the rotation right there.

Finally, it is almost a foregone conclusion that Milwaukee will not be able to resign Sheets or Sabathia after the season. That could secure 5 draft picks through the first supplemental round. That is a draft where the team can restock the minor leagues. Even if Milwaukee doesn’t make the playoffs this season-which would classify the trade as a failure in my eyes-the team still will benefit from the gluttony of draft picks in the 2009 draft.

If nothing else, this trade has thrust Milwaukee into the national spotlight. It will generate massive revenue at the ticket office. I, for one, have already bought my tickets for Tuesday night’s game against the Colorado Rockies. I did not want to miss Sabathia’s debut as a Brewer. There will be more ticket sales, which will result in more money for the team. More money for the team means more money to spend on free agents or on our own players. If the team makes the playoffs, it will only augment the revenue gain.

The deal is looking better and better for the Brewers, and I am seeing the excitement everywhere I look from Brewers fans. Nice job getting the deal done, Doug Melvin. I, of course, will keep you all up-to-date on who Milwaukee is sending to Cleveland when the information becomes available.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Brewers are tied with the Cardinals for the Wild Card lead. Big day for the Crew all around.

Records: Brewers (49-39); Pirates (40-47)

Hero of the Game: J.J. Hardy

For now, I will assume J.J. is the hero until proven otherwise. There is no human being on earth that is hotter than J.J. right now. Maybe I should get plunked in the helmet like he did in Arizona. It seems to have helped him…

Goat of the Game: Jeff Suppan

You simply cannot, cannot give back runs after your team spots you four runs in the first inning. A veteran pitcher should know that he had the opportunity to take all the wind out of Pittsburgh’s sails right there, but nope. He wanted to leave after three innings instead. If he didn’t have a big contract in his pocket, Soup may be heading to the ‘pen now that Sabathia is on the team.

On Tap

RHP Seth McClung will take on LHP Ubaldo Jimenez at 7:05pm CT at Miller Park tomorrow. The Crew will look to stretch the winning streak to four games, and Seth will try to prove he belongs in the starting rotation. It could be a mini-audition for the big man now that Sabathia is in the rotation.

Round ’em Up: The Trade Deadline

4 07 2008

UPDATE 07-04-08 12:50pm – Again, I apologize for a lack of a Friday NL Central Review.  I just didn’t have the time this morning to write it, and I have to run out in a few.  After trying to keep up with the Sabathia rumors, I’m kind of spent on the writing front for this morning.

Tom Haudricourt gives 10 reasons why the Brewers should trade for the Milwaukee Brewers.

I hate the reason that Mark Attanasio needs to prove he’s serious about trying to get to the playoffs, yet it does make a certain amount of sense.  I cannot imagine why any fan would believe Mark is not trying to create a winner.  He has brought a higher payroll and has made Milwaukee a respectable destination.  The notion that he is not trying to bring a winner to Milwaukee is ludicrous.

Doug Melvin may offer up a knock-out deal to get C.C. to Milwaukee right away.  It would perhaps give C.C. about three or four more starts in Milwaukee.  That may be a big difference in making the playoffs.


I wasn’t going to do a Round ’em Up this morning, as I’m working on the Friday NL Central Review. I came across two articles that made me write one. A lot happened after Milwaukee tanked it this afternoon, to say the least. Let’s take a look.

  • says that besides C.C. Sabathia, Milwaukee has been connected to several names in the trade market. Doug Melvin and the Crew has been looking at Randy Wolf and Greg Maddux from the San Diego Padres. Apparently there is no coincidence that Mr. Melvin and company had a very long meeting before the game this afternoon when the Padres are coming to town tomorrow. Maybe Doug will stay behind and chat with the Padres. I personally don’t want either of the pitchers for the well-documented reasons.The Brewers have also kicked the tires on Zack Greinke and Matt Cain. That’s more like it. Melvin says, however, that those two pieces are not likely to be moved until the offseason. Both the Royals and the Giants will be able to get more by holding out longer. That’s probably true. If that’s the case, Greinke/Cain are going nowhere before July 31st. Too bad.
  • Now onto the more interesting/terrifying article. FOX Sports writer Ken Rosenthal says sources have told him that the Milwaukee Brewers are offering Cleveland Matt LaPorta AND Alcides Escobar for C.C. Sabathia. I could not believe what I was reading at first. Two of the Huntsville 5 for a 2/3 month rental? Doug Melvin said that he would not do that.I understand Milwaukee’s insistence on landing C.C. This season is the best chance for the Crew to be competitive for the next couple years because of Ben Sheets leaving and the rumor that Prince Fielder may be packing his bags over the winter. If that is the case, Melvin may be wise to make the move for Sabathia and make a run for the post-season.Melvin cannot, however, offer up Escobar and LaPorta in the same package. It makes no sense unless the Brewers are receiving more than Sabathia in return. Perhaps they are asking for a reliever as well. Rafael Betancourt and Rafael Perez are both available. I think Perez would be a much better pick-up. That is the only way I see Alcides Escobar and Matt LaPorta being offered in the same package.

    Tom Haudricourt also says Taylor Green interests Cleveland and may be included in the package. LaPorta, Escobar, and Green would be a huge, huge haul for Sabathia and Perez. Cleveland GM Mark Shapiro would be the GM of the month if he could land that deal. On the flip side, Doug Melvin could look very stupid if Milwaukee does not make the post-season. It would be an incredibly dangerous deal for the Crew.

Round ’em Up: Friday

27 06 2008

Hi everyone!  After a week-plus off, I’m back in the saddle.  Dan did a great job while I was gone, and I very much appreciate it.  Kudos to you, sir!

Anyway, I have quite a bit of news for you today.  Here we go:

  • As you can all tell by the Minor League Boxscores from yesterday, Eric Gagne struggled quite a bit in his second rehab outing in Nashville.  That’s obviously not something you want to see.  Between the Green Pillars wonders what Ned Yost is going to do with Gagne.  Most likely, Gagne will be a seventh inning guy until he can prove himself capable of pitching in close games.  Either that, or Ned Yost will be stubborn and throw him out in a one-run game in the eighth inning just to prove something to the fans.  I hope its the former.
  • Tom Haudricourt also writes about Gagne’s struggles, but brings up a good point.  Randy Choate has been lights-out in his rehab outings thus far.  The Brewers have a decision to make.  They can put him on waivers and hope he can clear.  Choate would then be sent to Triple-A Nashville.  It seems unlikely that a veteran left-hander would make it through waivers, so the Crew may simply have to promote him to the bigs.  That would mean Mitch Stetter may be saying goodbye to Milwaukee once again.
  • Brew Crew Ball has a poll up about C.C. Sabathia.  Should the Brewers offer up stud prospects for a rental?  37% say the Brewers should trade for Sabathia, but only if no big name prospects were given up.  That’s obviously not going to be possible.  That leaves the 35% who say the Crew should trade for a lesser big name pitcher.  Like who?  Randy Wolf?  Please…
  • Bugs and Cranks lets Brewers fans see how C.C. would look as a Milwaukee Brewer.  I don’t even know what to say about that.  It’s quite hideous, in fact.
  • I wouldn’t be so quick to be so excited about a pending C.C. Sabathia acquisition. is reporting that the Cleveland Indians are attempting to sign the big left-hander to an extension.  This is most likely a token offer, however, as Sabathia has repeatedly stated that he does not wish to talk about his contract mid-season.

    Plus, MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that the Brewers most likely will not make a major acquisition before the trade deadline.  Starting pitching has been a major strength for the Brewers in the past month or so.  Why fix it if it ain’t broken?  If only it were that simple, right?

  • The Milwaukee JS has a piece up about Salomon Torres.  Where would the Brewers be without their veteran closer?  He’s been one of the most pleasant surprises this season.  I think we all knew Doug Melvin had a steal when he acquired Torres for two no-name prospects during the winter.
  • Here’s a Brewers-Twins series preview from  I wonder if a young man wrote the article.  I wouldn’t have guessed by the picture atop the article.
  • SportsBubbler also recognizes LHP Zach Braddock as the player of the week.  He must have that “invisi-ball” working once again.  It will be extremely interesting to see how he fairs the rest of the season.  His arm is fragile, so his pitch count will most likely be quite strict throughout the year.  There is also a Vinny Rottino sighting in the Three Up section.
  • Mat Gamel and Matt LaPorta have both been invited to play in the the U.S. Futures game.  Congratulations to both of them.  It is much deserved.
  • Battlekow from Brew Crew Ball has been been quite proficient on the Minor League side of the game.  Today, he maps out the performances of some of the top prospects in the Brewers system.  Sure, the ranking is quite arbitrary, but it is still quite interesting to read.
  • Get to know Tim Dillard from the Nashville Sounds.  I now know that if Tim is approached with the option A or B, he will choose C.  Interesting.
  • Recently drafted RHP Trey Watten has been quite impressive in Helena thus far.  He only has two outings, but Trey has managed his nerves quite well in the beginning of his big league career.
  • The Charleston Daily Mail has a nice article on 1B Curt Rindal from the West Virginia Power.  He has struggled with consistency for most of the year, but the young man has heated up quite nicely in June.  Let’s hope he can sustain this production for more than just one month.
  • The Baseball Analysts have a list of the Best Players of Each Decade.  Both Hank Aaron and Robin Yount make the list.  Both very deserving.  Does anyone else from Milwaukee deserve to be mentioned?

Round ’em Up: Monday

9 06 2008

UPDATE 06-09-08 3:35pm – Rickie Weeks finished his examination on his knee in Milwaukee.  The doctored diagnosed the Brewers second baseman with a “sprained left knee.”  He is listed as day-to-day.

After the past couple years when Rickie has been injured, however, I highly doubt he will be back within the week.  I hope I am wrong.  Weeks doesn’t have a track record of bouncing back quickly from injuries.


UPDATE 06-09-08 1:55pm – It seems the Brewers are not interested in Brian Roberts after all.

Tom Haudricourt spoke with Doug Melvin this afternoon, and Melvin refuted Ken Rosenthal’s claim. The Brewers did have scouts at the Baltimore games, but no specialist scout had been assigned to Roberts. The scouts attended the games as a part of standard protocol. There is apparently nothing special about the scouts being at the game.


The Milwaukee Brewers have an off-day today, but are traveling to Houston to take on the Astros tomorrow. Monday’s Round ’em Up is always much more fun, as all the bloggers are out in full force after the weekend. It still means that the weekends are slow.

  • Second baseman Rickie Weeks is on his way to Milwaukee to get his injured knee examined by the team doctors. He had his knee buckled by a hard slide while he was trying to turn two over the weekend. Hopefully this is not as bad as it sounds…because it could turn into a Yovani Gallardo type of situation.
  • Mike Cameron has been seeing the bench a little more lately. He’s been struggling mightily at the plate, and Gabe Kapler has been the model of production in the early months. I suspect Cameron will be back in the lineup tomorrow, but Tom Haudricourt says he will probably not be in the two-hole. You know the saying, “How many licks does it take to get to the inside of a tootsie pop?” This situation is more like, “How much has to go wrong before Ned Yost admits he’s wrong?” Perhaps nobody will know…
  • Chuckie Hacks says that Salomon Torres and Carlos Villanueva should be the 7th through 9th inning tandem from here on out. I’m sorry, but I thought we discussed this whole “set formula” thing. Not a fan.
  • Jeff Suppan is finally pitching like he’s worth the money the Brewers signed him for last off-season. It is nice to see Soup grinding out some tough starts and just plain producing for the Crew.
  • Here’s another diary entry from Matt LaPorta, courtesy of Baseball Digest Daily.
  • The Jay from Brew Crew Ball has a nice graphic up about the Brewers bullpen. They are not overused, but they do throw a lot of pitches. I do appreciate the category that has Milwaukee without Turnbow as its own team. How true that is.
  • This is something I have not heard until today. Ken Rosenthal from FOX Sports is reporting that the Milwaukee Brewers are interested in Baltimore second-baseman Brian Roberts. The Crew has had scouts at the past couple Orioles games. Rosenthal suggests that a Rickie WeeksBrian Roberts trade would be unfair for Milwaukee. If Weeks’ knee gets better in the coming week or so and the Brewers could pull off this trade without giving up anything but Rickie Weeks, you pull the trigger. No questions asked.
  • Jim Powell writes about the Brewers and their lack of momentum on the road. Their road woes sicken me.
  • Speaking of Jim Powell, he has an interview with Brewers first-round pick, Brett Lawrie. Here’s the audio stream.
  • In-Between Hops suggests that Carlos Villanueva is the closer for the future for the Milwaukee Brewers. I agree that he’s been spectacular out of the bullpen this season, but Carlos will have to prove his worth over a full season before I would hand over the 9th inning duties to him for good.
  • As BrewersNation reader Aaron pointed out, the Brewers could take a look at RHP Sidney Ponson. His ERA seems to be misleading, as batters are getting good wood on the ball consistently. I don’t think Milwaukee is a team that goes the “troubled player” route.
  • SS Matt Cline was demoted to West Virginia this week. He has responded, however, giving the slumping Power a nice little jolt.

Round ’em Up: Saturday

7 06 2008

UPDATE 06-07-08 – The Brewers have their first official signing of the 2008 First Year Player Draft.  Their 7th round pick, RHP Trey Watten, has decided to turn pro this season.

The big right-hander had impressive numbers at Abiliene Christian University, posting a 2.56 ERA in a 10-win season.  Many apparently thought Trey had first-round talent, but he fell to the Brewers in the second round.

Hopefully this trend can become the norm.  The Crew needs some depth in the minor leagues in the pitching department.


The weekends have proven to be quite scarce on the Brewers news lately. There are the standard articles written by the Milwaukee JS and, but that’s been about it. Mid-season fatigue setting in for the bloggers already?

  • Ned Yost defends his pitching move in last night’s game. My girlfriend and I caught the end of last night’s game, and she asked me, “Why are they taking out a pitcher who pitched so well last inning?” Ummmm…I still don’t have a satisfactory answer for that. Ned says that it was a save opportunity, but it would strike me that you would leave a hot pitcher in the game if you wanted to preserve a close lead. What do I know though, right?
  • FireNedYost feels Yosted after last night’s game.
  • Do you remember the report that said the Los Angeles Dodgers were close to acquiring a veteran infielder? It came out simultaneously with the news that Bill Hall wanted a trade. Some speculated as to whether or not Bill was going to be moved to LA. That’s not the case. The Dodgers acquired Angel Berroa. Angel makes Billy look like an All-Star at the plate.
  • The Brewers have shown some real confidence in right-hander Tim Dillard. He looks forward to protecting close leads against the Colorado Rockies again this weekend.
  • Here are the college splits from all the Brewers draft picks from the past couple days. The high school players obviously do not have any stats on them, but it is interesting to look at. You have to take the numbers with a grain of salt, however. Make sure to look at who they play for and what division it is in before making a bold conclusion.
  • A Giants fan posted a note on Brew Crew Ball and wondered if Jonathan Sanchez and Bengie Molina would be enough to get Bill Hall and Matt LaPorta to San Francisco. No. The Brewers do not need or want Bengie Molina. Jonathan Sanchez has a great arm, but he walks far too many people and cannot pitch deep into games. Thanks, but no thanks.
  • Baseball Digest Daily wants to know what the big deal with left-handed pitching is in the draft. Why do so many lefties go so early? My guess is because quality pitching from the left side is difficult to find. Teams take a hand full of lefties hoping to hit on one. Or you could be like the Brewers this year and take 3,274,231 pitchers in the draft. I didn’t count how many pitchers they actually took, I must admit. That is a rough estimate.

Round ’em Up: Wednesday

4 06 2008

Seth McClung and the boys kept it rolling last night, pulling away late in the game for a 7-1 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The MLB Draft is tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ll have my Mock Draft up either later today or tomorrow morning.

  • Eli from MLB Rumors has some thoughts about where Bill Hall could be headed.  He names the Nationals, Mariners, and Giants.  I agree with the possibility of the Mariners, but the other two possibilities are very unlikely.  Eli has lost a bit of credibility with me the past couple of posts about the Brewers, as his insight has been a little faulty.  You’d think the Dodgers and Indians would make the list before the Nationals and Giants.  That’s just me though…
  • Brewers Bar has a plea to Brewers fans out today.  I agree with it completely.  While it is every fan’s right to boo and cheer for whom they wish, fans could stand to be a little classier and cheer on their own players.  Do you really think booing a player will help his psyche?  Think about it a little bit before you boo.  Instead of booing, come onto a blog and rant.  Much more productive.
  • MLB Trade Rumors has the starting pitching market posted.  Taking a quick look, I would think the Brewers would be interested in Derek Lowe and perhaps someone like Boof Bonser or Jarrod Washburn.  I’m surprised that Anthony Reyes is not on the list.
  • SportsBubbler named C Jonathan Lucroy the prospect of the week.  It’s great to see Jonathan getting some face time on Brewers sites.  He has been extremely gracious in doing the interviews for this site, and we at BrewersNation wish him the best of luck.  Keep swinging the bat like you have been, Jonathan, and we’ll see you in the bigs soon.
  • 3B Mat Gamel and OF Matt LaPorta made Baseball America’s Prospect Hot Sheet.  Gamel was second behind Jay Bruce.  That is understandable.
  • Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz opts to have season-ending shoulder surgery.  It’s always difficult to see one of the best pitchers in the league go down to injury.  John also points out that retirement is definitely an option at this point.  If he is not able to throw at his normal arm angle, I suspect he will retire.
  • Jonathan Mayo of attempts to predict the Top 30 picks of the MLB Draft.  He has the Milwaukee Brewers selecting C/3B Brett Lawrie.  That bat would be tough to pass on if he does fall to the #16 slot.  He’s only a high schooler, but he can rake already.
  • has their Power 50 up.  Matt LaPorta still ranks #1 as the top Brewers prospect.  I’m not sure I agree with that anymore.  Mat Gamel has a .380+ average, draws walks, has power, and has improved defensively a bit.  I have to give him the nod right now.