We’ve Moved!!!

14 07 2008

Hi all!

As promised, it’s Monday and there is big news for BrewersNation.

I was approached by SportsBubbler, and they asked me to move my blog to the front page of their site. The site traffic is obviously higher over there. The partnership looks to be quite beneficial for both sides.

The name of the blog has sadly changed. Unfortunately, it was something that simply had to happen to make the move possible. I won’t go into the particulars, but BrewersNation is now known as Bernie’s Crew.

Nothing about the site’s content is going to change whatsoever, so don’t worry. I sincerely hope you all will update your bookmarks and simply come and read the new blog. It’s an exciting move, and I want all of you to make it with me. You all have been absolutely fantastic.

Here’s the link to the new site.




3 responses

14 07 2008

Congrats sir. I shall see you there.

14 07 2008

Congrats Jim, you surely earned it. I’m following you over.

23 09 2008

Dear Webmaster,

Hi, my name is Ellen and I work for an online promotion company. I am interested in buying text ad space on your site (https://brewersnation.wordpress.com/) for one of my clients – a well established, online gaming company.

Please let me know if you are interested, and I will send you more details.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ellen Simpson

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