Interview with Josh Romanski

8 07 2008

It has been a while since I’ve had an interview up for you all. Don’t worry, I haven’t been slacking. I have a slew of interviews in the works. Here’s the first.

LHP/OF Josh Romanski took the time to answer a few questions for BrewersNation. If you do not remember, Josh was drafted in the fourth-round in the 2008 draft by Milwaukee. He was great about the whole process, very polite. I look forward to seeing how he fares in Helena, as Josh was a pleasure to work with.

BrewersNation: Congratulations on getting drafted by the Brewers! I suppose I must start with the obligatory question here. I know you have been drafted once before, but not nearly this high. How did it feel to be drafted on the first day?

Josh Romanski: It felt great. the best part about it was being drafted by an organization with such a sterling reputation for developing young talent. I am thoroughly excited and optimistic about my opportunity to make it to the major leagues with the brewers.

BN: Did you know that Milwaukee was interested in you? Where there any other teams?

Josh: Yes and Yes. Pretty much all of the teams showed some kind of interest but Milwaukee was definitely one of the more interested organizations, obviously. But I know the so cal area scout very well and he was very good in communicating the Brewers interest with me.

BN: Coming out of the draft, Brewers fans were unsure whether Milwaukee had drafted you as a pitcher or an outfielder. You have been playing a lot of DH thus far in Helena. Does that mean you won’t be seeing the mound as a professional?

Josh: No it doesnt. The Brewers drafted me as a pitcher and that is what I’ll be looking to do in the future. I only dh’d because we had three hurt outfielders. Good thing is I can hit a little and you never know what the club needs. I’m just glad I was able to step in and get the job done.

BN: Could you tell the readers at BrewersNation a little about your pitching arsenal? What do you throw?

Josh: Well, I throw a five pitch combo starting with a fastball. I throw three different breaking balls which include a curveball, a slider, and a cutter. Then I have a change up which I consider my best pitch. I am highly confident in all these pitches but also I am working on developing a sharper curveball so I can
be more affective at the higher levels.

BN: What’s your game like in the outfield? What are your strengths an weaknesses?

Josh: In the outfield I’d like to say that I’m an “all out” kind of guy. I rely on my reads and jumps I get on the ball rather than just plain pure speed. I have an average plus throwing arm and my number one strength is instinct. My weakness in the outfield is that I am not the fastest runner. I am not slow and still
slightly above the big league average but I am not a burner by any means so I have to make up for that with my reads on the ball.

BN: You threw a no-hitter against Harvard this season. What was that like? Did you know you had great stuff that day from the beginning?

Josh: The no-hitter was pretty interesting actually. I was hurt and did not have my best stuff at all. However, I spotted my fastball extremely well on the inner half of the plate that day and before I knew it I looked up at the scoreboard in the 7th inning and realized what was going on. It was a special day for me and the program.

BN: Naturally, you must be extremely excited to play professional ball for any team. Where there any particular team that you wished to play for? Is there anything specific about the Brewers organization that excites you?

Josh: Like I had said earlier, the Brewers have a great reputation for developing their young talent. I am excited about the coaching and winter programs that the Brewers have to offer and I am looking forward to bettering myself this season into the off-season.

BN: How has your first couple weeks of being a professional been? What is the first thing you did when arriving to the team?

Josh: The first couple weeks in Pro ball have been great. I’ve been hurt so that is a bit of downer but other than that I have enjoyed it. The guys are great and so are the coaches and staff. I’m living out a childhood dream and that is what makes it so neat.

BN: You got a nice signing bonus to play in Milwaukee’s farm system. Do you have any plans for that money?

Josh: No plans with the money yet since I haven’t recieved it. Ha Ha. But I plan on giving to the cancer foundation since my mom is a three time breast cancer survivor. That is important to me and I will look to make that donation sooner than later.

BN: What is your goal for the 2008 season? Obviously your goal is to make the big leagues one day, but what is your goal for this year?

Josh: My main goal for 2008 is to get healthy. This year in college playing center field and pitching hurt all season took its toll on my body. I would to get healthy and get back to my peak performance level as soon as possible.




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8 07 2008

I love your interviews. I can’t wait to see more of them!

8 07 2008

Sounds like a great pick up for the Crew. A bright, well spoken kid with five pitches is always welcome. Good luck in the system Josh. Hopefully we’ll see you around sooner than later. Probably sooner if the Brewers buy the Timber Rattlers.

8 07 2008
Bernie Carbo

don’t know where to make this comment so it is appropriate to the topic….but Jim Breen… hit on a great point a few weeks back…..about Rickie Weeks comin off the DL and hving good at bats. We’ve all heard a 101 explanations by the experts as to why Rickie hasn’t reached his blah blah blah potentiaL….and your explanation is making alot of sense……after a day off or a DL stint, Rickie works he count and swings at good pitches….gets base hits….I would love to see a stat breakdown split of Weeks after a one day or more rest.


8 07 2008
Bernie Carbo

And the other thing ya gotta figure is…if Rickie is scoring all those runs with such a low BA and 321 OB%….he must have a reputation for stealing bases and causing mosquitos on the brain to opposing pitchers who then lose some concentration and throw hittable pitches to Hardy..Braun …Fielder..

So, we get picked off last night two times…but who cares? It happens…Keep the pressure on the pitcher…Take that big lead Braun and Hart..

8 07 2008

I’ll see what i can do sometime this week.

14 08 2008
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28 04 2009
andrew logue

Hey Josh’s dad is my pitching and hitting coach it’s pretty awesome. Josh has caught one or two of my bullpens that was sweet.

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