Round ’em Up: Saturday

5 07 2008

Thank goodness the Crew came back with a nice win yesterday.  Milwaukee could not afford a hangover after the horrendous collapse on Thursday.  Dave Bush looks to build a little winning streak tonight against Paul Maholm and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

  • Tom Haudricourt says that the Brewers are still actively pursuing C.C. Sabathia.  The latest rumor is that Doug Melvin is offering Matt LaPorta/Taylor Green/Lorenzo Cain as a package to try to get last year’s AL Cy Young award winner to Milwaukee by Tuesday.  This is quite a bit to be giving up for a 2 or 3 month rental, but it could very well push the Brewers over the top.
  • The Brew Town Beat fully expects Sabathia to be in Milwaukee by Tuesday.  I’m not totally sure that will happen, but Doug Melvin could perhaps get it done if he so chooses.  Brew Town also says that Melvin should also trade for Brian Fuentes.  I do agree that the bullpen needs another quality arm, but it needs to be one that can be controlled past the 2008 season.  That is not Fuentes.  Besides, Fuentes has not been pitching well at all the past couple weeks.  I’ve read that scouts have not seen an “out pitch” from Fuentes lately.  None of his pitches are moving much.  That is not who I want to trade a valuable prospect for this season.
  • Between the Green Pillars says that Ned Yost managed scared yesterday afternoon.  Because he used Carlos Villanueva for 3.1 innings, which makes him unavailable for the next three or four days.  The article argues that Yost should have used a different pitcher in the eighth and ninth, but he was too scared to do so because of Thursday’s collapse.  I do agree with his point that Milwaukee is now without a long man in the ‘pen because of yesterday.  You want to know what is interesting?  If C.C. Sabathia makes it into Milwaukee’s rotation, either Dave Bush or Seth McClung becomes the long man.  That would work out pretty nicely.
  • The Baseball Analysts continued their All-Star team from Triple-A.  Brad Nelson makes it in the outfield for the Brewers.  Nelson could be a nice addition to the team in September.
  • The Yost Infection asks Milwaukee’s play-by-play announcers to please stop celebrating J.J. Hardy’s defense.  It is not more than average because of his terrible zone rating.  I personally think the zone rating stuff is a little overrated.  J.J. is a rock at shortstop.  He doesn’t make plays?  In the last road trip, he flipped a ball with his glove to Rickie to start a double play, he made a diving stop in the hole, and his throws are always perfect.  Doesn’t make plays, huh?
  • Florida Today has an article about how difficult it is to hit home runs down in Brevard County because of this winds.  That is why you have to take the low power numbers from the likes of Lorenzo Cain and Taylor Green with a grain of salt.
  • The Charleston Daily Mail says that Milwaukee Brewers most likely will not renew their contract with the West Virginia Power next season.  Rumor has it that the Crew wants to sign the local Wisconsin Timber Rattlers in Appleton, WI to their Class-A affiliate.  I would absolutely love that, as I currently live in Appleton.  I would be a regular at the games, if that would happen.
  • Huntsville infielder Michael Garciaparra does not regret his move to play professional baseball over taking his scholarship to Tennessee.



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5 07 2008

The move yesterday was not out of fear. He was hoping to save his bullpen because everybody had to pitch on Thursday. It was a really important move for the team because everyone is available for today and tomorrow’s game.

5 07 2008
Orville Reddenbrewer

I was at first pretty shocked that we were talking about dealing LaPorta and Green in the same deal, but the more I think about it the more I get behind it. We have been waiting and waiting until the prospects develop. We have a window of opportunity right now, and who were were kidding, were we really going to get one of the top pitchers in all of baseball without having to give up two top prospects?

Having Sabathia isn’t just making a run at the playoffs. It’s making a run at the World Series. Now, I don’t know how you do that with a .215 leadoff hitter and a .230 CF and Bill Hall, but Sabathia/Sheets/Parra might not even need that much run support.

LaPorta would play corner OF or 1B. Right now, those positions are occupied by our three best hitters, who are all young — Hart, Braun, Fielder. If Gamel’s going to play in the pros, he’s going to have to play corner OF or 1B too.

We’d be giving up a great prospect who could be a strong Brewer for years to come. But how exciting would the next three months be with Sabathia?

One more question: Why didn’t it take Cleveland 15 seconds to do this deal?

5 07 2008
Jim Breen

There are a couple options:

1. They are not done scouting and are not sure who they want in the deal.

2. They are trying to drive up the price by waiting. I doubt this is the case. The Twins did this with Santana and ended up getting a worse deal in the end.

3. The Dodgers or Cubs are making a strong offer as well.

I’m not sure which option is the case, but I would suspect it’s the first. The Cubs do not have enough in their farm system, and the Dodgers are reportedly more interested in acquiring a shortstop before the deadline.

5 07 2008

I wanted to write it up. This is a great deal for the Brewers. After looking at it all from a completely subjective perspective, it works great. LaPorta is a hard worker, but he’s in a log jam and teams aren’t willing to risk anything for Gamel. Don’t forget that if CC and Sheets leave the team at the end of the year… that’s FOUR first round draft picks. Oooweee!

5 07 2008

They should choose the Timber Rattlers. Plus the T-Rats haven’t been good in a while

23 07 2008
wisconsin timber rattlers

[…] collapse on Thursday.? Dave Bush looks to build a little winning streak tonight against Paul League: Beloit shuts down Timber Rattlers Green Bay Press-GazetteBELOIT Steven Hirschfeld […]

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