Round ’em Up: The Trade Deadline

4 07 2008

UPDATE 07-04-08 12:50pm – Again, I apologize for a lack of a Friday NL Central Review.  I just didn’t have the time this morning to write it, and I have to run out in a few.  After trying to keep up with the Sabathia rumors, I’m kind of spent on the writing front for this morning.

Tom Haudricourt gives 10 reasons why the Brewers should trade for the Milwaukee Brewers.

I hate the reason that Mark Attanasio needs to prove he’s serious about trying to get to the playoffs, yet it does make a certain amount of sense.  I cannot imagine why any fan would believe Mark is not trying to create a winner.  He has brought a higher payroll and has made Milwaukee a respectable destination.  The notion that he is not trying to bring a winner to Milwaukee is ludicrous.

Doug Melvin may offer up a knock-out deal to get C.C. to Milwaukee right away.  It would perhaps give C.C. about three or four more starts in Milwaukee.  That may be a big difference in making the playoffs.


I wasn’t going to do a Round ’em Up this morning, as I’m working on the Friday NL Central Review. I came across two articles that made me write one. A lot happened after Milwaukee tanked it this afternoon, to say the least. Let’s take a look.

  • says that besides C.C. Sabathia, Milwaukee has been connected to several names in the trade market. Doug Melvin and the Crew has been looking at Randy Wolf and Greg Maddux from the San Diego Padres. Apparently there is no coincidence that Mr. Melvin and company had a very long meeting before the game this afternoon when the Padres are coming to town tomorrow. Maybe Doug will stay behind and chat with the Padres. I personally don’t want either of the pitchers for the well-documented reasons.The Brewers have also kicked the tires on Zack Greinke and Matt Cain. That’s more like it. Melvin says, however, that those two pieces are not likely to be moved until the offseason. Both the Royals and the Giants will be able to get more by holding out longer. That’s probably true. If that’s the case, Greinke/Cain are going nowhere before July 31st. Too bad.
  • Now onto the more interesting/terrifying article. FOX Sports writer Ken Rosenthal says sources have told him that the Milwaukee Brewers are offering Cleveland Matt LaPorta AND Alcides Escobar for C.C. Sabathia. I could not believe what I was reading at first. Two of the Huntsville 5 for a 2/3 month rental? Doug Melvin said that he would not do that.I understand Milwaukee’s insistence on landing C.C. This season is the best chance for the Crew to be competitive for the next couple years because of Ben Sheets leaving and the rumor that Prince Fielder may be packing his bags over the winter. If that is the case, Melvin may be wise to make the move for Sabathia and make a run for the post-season.Melvin cannot, however, offer up Escobar and LaPorta in the same package. It makes no sense unless the Brewers are receiving more than Sabathia in return. Perhaps they are asking for a reliever as well. Rafael Betancourt and Rafael Perez are both available. I think Perez would be a much better pick-up. That is the only way I see Alcides Escobar and Matt LaPorta being offered in the same package.

    Tom Haudricourt also says Taylor Green interests Cleveland and may be included in the package. LaPorta, Escobar, and Green would be a huge, huge haul for Sabathia and Perez. Cleveland GM Mark Shapiro would be the GM of the month if he could land that deal. On the flip side, Doug Melvin could look very stupid if Milwaukee does not make the post-season. It would be an incredibly dangerous deal for the Crew.




6 responses

5 07 2008

Rafael Perez is not available. Why would the Indians trade a 26 year old lefty who’s been their best relief pitcher, and who they have under their control for 5 years? They just released Borowksi, so Perez may become their closer.

Betancourt might be available, but only because he’s having an awful year.

5 07 2008
Jim Breen

ESPN’s Jayson Stark said last Thursday that Rafael Perez very well may be available for the right price.

5 07 2008

Don’t buy it. Might be available is not the same as is available.

Injuries and a couple of players regressing have hurt them this year, so Cleveland is trying to reload for next year by shedding would be FA’s, but not completely rebuild. Trading away young gun relievers from an already sparse bullpen doesn’t fit their strategy.

5 07 2008
Jim Breen

I agree that Perez would be very difficult to get. Cleveland would be stupid to trade him, but it would be worth inquiring on. It’s all speculation on every level. Masa Kobayashi would also be someone to inquire upon.

The conversation is moot at this point, as all rumors point to Melvin just being interested in Sabathia.

5 07 2008
Jim Breen

Who do you think Milwaukee should try for on the reliever market mlwkeDawg? By the way, it’s great to see someone new commenting.

5 07 2008

Thanks. Great Site.

I’m thinking a hometown hero, Jack Taschner.
Otherwise, perhaps Damaso Marte.

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