Round ’em Up: Tuesday

1 07 2008

There is not too much going on the web today.  At least, nothing of too much substance.  Everything is focused on the possible C.C. Sabathia trade to Milwaukee.  That is understandable, as that would be the biggest news that happened to Milwaukee baseball in quite a few years.

  • (Hat tip to battlekow at Brew Crew Ball) A Cleveland Indians blog, Tribe Report, takes a look at what Milwaukee could give Cleveland to get the deal done.  They are focused on getting Prince Fielder.  I will never say never, but…I see very, very, very little chance of Doug Melvin trading Prince before the off-season.
  • Doug Melvin talked to Tom Haudricourt about some trade possibilities.  The Brewers GM said that he is always keeping his ears open to trades.  It certainly does sound like Doug is pretty set on making a trade before the deadline.  He says he is not going to do anything stupid, however.  I guess he is saying that because of the Linebrink trade last season.  Let’s hope a Linebrink-esque trade doesn’t happen.
  • Joe Morgan from ESPN says that Milwaukee should try to sign Ben Sheets this off-season.  Good.  I’m glad he’s incredibly informed.
  • Jeff Sackmann from Brew Crew Ball takes a look at the first half of the season.  He concludes that Milwaukee is quite lucky to have 44 wins at this point.  I think the negative run differential is mostly due to the beginning of the season.  That will need to change though.
  • says Manny Parra is starting to figure things out on the mound.  That is good news for the Brewers, obviously.



4 responses

1 07 2008

The only way we should trade Prince to the Indians is if we get Grady Sizemore, he would be nice to have in center.

1 07 2008
Jim Breen

I’m not sure the Indians would do a Prince-Sizemore trade straight up. You’re right about that though. It would be nice. I’m not sure he’s a fit in Milwaukee though…at least, down the road.

1 07 2008

What don’t you like about Sizemore?

1 07 2008
Jim Breen

I love Sizemore. He hits for power, average, plays great defense, and has great speed. He knows how to take a walk too. It would be a great pick-up for the Crew.

The problem is that Sizemore has more value at his position than does Fielder. We also have a logjam in the outfield, and Corey Hart seems to be the center fielder of the future once LaPorta gets called up. Sizemore would be great, but we have other needs.

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