Round ‘Em Up Thursday

26 06 2008

The Atlanta Braves avoided the sweep last night (BN game wrap or scroll down) and have a travel day today before facing off against regional rival, the Minnesota Twins.

Let’s see what the ol’ blogosphere has for us:

* Ryan Braun has an ouchie – Apparently Braun has been getting treatment for soreness in the meaty part of his right hand between his thumb and forefinger for about a week. He’s hitting .240 with two RBIs and 10 strikeouts in his previous seven games.

* Brewers “fact or fiction” from the Fanatics.

* Junkball Blues looks at power/speed numbers.

* Two Fisted Slopper (found a new Brewers blog) looks at what has gone right for the Brewers so far this year.

* Jake Ordozzi, the Crew’s second pick of the draft, was named “Player of the Year” by USA Today.

* Matt Gamel was named “Player of the Month” by AA Southern League managers.

* Remember Claudio Vargas? Me neither. And the Mets are trying to forget him too. They released him today. Maybe we could get him back since Melvin is looking for starting pitching….

By: Dan Wiersema




2 responses

26 06 2008
Bernie Carbo

Does anybody know what Rickey Weeks was doing during his time off? Recooperating an injury, yes…..but he is hitting to the opposite field these last three games. He looks like he does on PS3….Is this the moment Weeks moves from a good lead off hitter to an excellent one?

26 06 2008
Dan Wiersema

The only part I heard about his rehab was fielding ground balls, but maybe Skaleen or someone else pulled him aside for awhile. Let’s hope you’re right Bernie.

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