Round ‘Em Up Tuesday

25 06 2008

I missed the game last night, but from what I can gather from reports from the field David Bush turned in another gem, the Atlanta Braves can’t field and have a nasty habit of hitting into catch and tag double plays, and Salomon Torres can struggle and still lock down a save (Torres said, “I was able to be the Salomon you know and love.”).

Here’s what the web is saying today:

* Eric Gagne and Randy Choate on the mend

* Brevard County mixing it up – The Manatees are “starting” relievers and bringing “starters” in during the third or fourth innings. They want their pitchers to develop a “nine inning mentality.”  Great program I hope it works.

* Ryan Braun… man of the people.

* Freddy Krueger says no way to AAA – Apparently Julian Tavarez was going to accept his assignment to Nashville to stretch out his arm, but now he’s looking a free agency.

* Speaking about free agency… Ben Sheets is looking that way too.  He said it would be “pretty tough” to not test the markets after his “big” year this year. I like Sheets, but I feel really uncomfortable about comments like this.  Its pretty obvious that we’re all thinking about what’s happening off-season, he’s thinking about what’s happening this off-season, and Doug Melvin is thinking about what’s happening this off-season, but do we have to put it into words.  I’d rather our ace just get to the mound and not use questions from the media as maneuvering in negotiations.  I know that’s apart of the game, but still….

* Our buddy Aaron at Brew Crew Pub asks if the Brewers “are really that good?”

* Graff is in Cleveland –  The Indians sign former Brewer Tony Graffanino after his return from an ACL and knee injuries

* Brew Crew Ball keeps cranking out the draftee interviews – Today its Jake Odorizzi.

* Sports Bubbler Prospect of the Week: Zach Braddock

* Dugout Central’s Joe Delgrippo wants the Yankees to sign Prince Fielder.

* Bat breaking makes the union and owners’ talks.  If anything the weakness of the maple bats should raise awareness of the Emerald Ash Borer, which is destroying the Ash trees baseball normally uses for bats.

* Braun and Kapler have made the All-Jewish Team. Mazel Tov!

On Tap

Jeff Suppan (4-5, 3.92 ERA) is coming off one of his roughest starts of the year and will face Jorge Campillo (2-2, 2.54 ERA) in the series finale. Game time 12:05 CT on FSN.

By: Dan Wiersema




4 responses

25 06 2008

Remember all of Doug Melvin’s talk about starting with a reliever…

Did my HTML work? I rarely use the stuff.

25 06 2008
Dan Wiersema

Wow that was awesome how your link came out. Yeah I guess Brevard is trying to implement Melvin’s brainchild.

25 06 2008

Seriously, how long has he been talking about this? McCalvey keeps bringing it up too. I have no qualms about it, as long as they try it out some where other than the big league level.

25 06 2008
Bernie Carbo

Dan…I share your frustration by the Ben Sheets comments….Very discouraging news during an otherwise winning couple of weeks. If Sheets is gonna pull out expressions like…”pretty tough” to not check out the market….then as a fan I feel responsiblke in questioning his injury free season coinciding with his free agent raise up my market value season.

I am still dreaming the day when a Brewer or any other player on any other team accepts a small salary in comparrison to what he is worth because he wants to stay with a certain team and win…

There are many examples of players doing this, but the money differential is not so great.

I hate to be negative, but if Sheets flies the coup, I hope a new free agent rule is installed that bases slaries on the previous three years production and in Sheets case, this would include quantity not only quality.

But, I am a hypocrite because I simultaneously loved Curt Shilling’s public refusal to be a Yankee and Johnny Damon’s switching sides from the Red Sox to the Yankees after winnig in 2004. Shilling strikes me as conservative and defender of old values while Damon is living the baseball vgabond life and happy to try out a different city like a rock and roll drummer tries out a new band.

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