Round ‘Em Up Monday

24 06 2008

I’ve got to run to Madison this morning so the “Round ‘Em Up” is going to be just tossed up  here.  I did want to mention how awesome is was to see 18 comments on yesterday’s “Round ‘Em.”  I know like 5 were me, but I love when we get discussions going here.. great dialog is what makes this (Brewers)Nation a great place to live in.

* I wrote it in the Minor League Box Scores this morning, but what the hell was Layne Nix doing in the line up last night after his DUI.

* Speaking of the Sounds, Eric Gagne is set to join them for a rehab stint.

* Weird factoid – Russell Branyan was brought up on the same date, to the same position, as Ryan Braun last year.

* Mark DiFelice has gotten something special going for him.

* Brew Crew Ball has another draft pick interview: Mike Roberts.

* Another great Braves-Brewers game wrap. There’s your link today, Aaron!

* The Junkball Blues looks at Ben Sheets (who?) and quality starts this season.

Anything else out there, feel free to leave a link in the comments section.  Thanks.

By: Dan Wiersema



One response

24 06 2008

Ha! Combine our two wrap-ups and nobody would ever have to read Tom Haudricourt’s dribble. I got another one for you though. Since I finished the wrap last night, I did some stat drudging this morning. It’s the tale of two teams.

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