What the Hell Happened?: Or How Dave Bush’s Magical Night Almost Became a Distaster

20 06 2008

I wanted to write a game wrap immediately after yesterday afternoon, honestly I did.  I was all prepared to praise the heck out of one Mr. Dave Bush who turned in a fabulous performance.  A lot of people get down on Bush (I’m one of them), but in the end I truly DO want to see him succeed because in the end he’s our pitcher and if he does well, so do the Brewers.

So when he goes seven full innings on a no-hit bid… that’s exciting.  Also exciting was that he did it issuing only one walk and only two strikeouts.  Obviously he was doing his best Jeff Suppan impression getting all the groundball and flyouts he needed.

I was at the car mechanic yesterday watching the game (yes, I was there that long) and like I said just wanted to get home to write nice things about Bush.

Then the ninth inning happened.

After barely escaping yesterday with a win, my desire to write was nearly gone.  What happened?  Oh yeah.. I haven’t even mentioned all the good times yesterday. The end result a shockingly narrow 8-7 win.

Dave Bush flirted with a no-no.  He threw seven innings that tied the Toronto Blue Jays in knots.  Guys like Corey Hart (2-3, 2 RBI), Prince Fielder (inside the park homer!), Russell Branyan (10th homer of the year, 3 RBI),  and  Jason Kendall (2-4, 2 RBI) provided the offensive support to allow Bush to relax and pursue perfection.

Finally in the eight Bush gave up a triple to Lyle Overbay.  I felt bad for Dave.  Ryan Braun busted his butt to try and get that ball, but it was just slicing too far away from him to get a glove on it.  Bush gave an “aw shucks” punch into his glove and before you know it tag a single that brings in Overbay from third.  Bush finished the night with just two hits and one run to his final line.

What should amount to clean up for a guy (who should be counting his lucky stars that Yost got some sense and sent Tavarez) Tim Dillard became a course in adventure and unbelievable incompetence (combined with David Riske). Overbay struck again with a two run home run that cut the lead to five.  Yost did the right thing and pulled Dillard to stretch out the returning Riske.

Riske proceeded to look less like the seasoned reliever just coming up from a rehab stint in the minors and more like a kid that just got promoted straight from Brevard County. Riske threw almost all fastballs and the last of them sailed over the centerfield wall for a grand slam that would destroy a very safe lead.

Salomen Torres, who probably was making plans to take the kids to the zoo Thursday afternoon, was called in to record a save that never should have been.  He cleaned up the mess in the eight, getting the last out, then came out for the ninth and did his business locking up a win that was a win so many lost minutes earlier.

Records: Brewers (39-33), Blue Jays (35-39)

Hero of the Game: Dave Bush

Almost a no-no.  I am happy to write Bushie in here.

Goat(s) of the Game: Tim Dillard and David Riske

Yost: “Here boys.. have a seven run lead and finish off the game won’t ya?”

Dillard and Riske: “Hee hee… let’s see how close we can make it!”

Torres: “No more playing around boys… I’m late for the zoo.”

On Tap:

Radhames Liz (1-0, 4.32 ERA) opens up the series for the Baltimore Orioles against Jeff Suppan (4-4, 3.68 ERA).

By: Dan Wiersema




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