Round ‘Em Up Friday

20 06 2008

Trying to rush out the Wrap for everyone today.  I’m having a beer tournament tonight at my house and I’ve got to keep 384 beers at my house cold. What am I doing you ask? Oh.. you didn’t ask? Well, I’ll tell you anyways.  Friends and I are having an NCAA tournament of beers.  64 different beers and one champion. I’d go into more detail, but you’d have to see the bracket to believe it.  Gonna be awesome!

* The Rays swept the Cubbies and St. Louis was broomed by the Royals.  The Crew has picked up three games on both teams.  Milwaukee is just two back from the Cardinals and 5 1/2 from the Cubs.  Sweet!

* Carlos Zambrano is going to miss his next schedule start with shoulder “trouble.” Jim Edmonds is expected to return for the weekend series against the White Sox.

* Minor League Ball calls Mat Gamel “controversial.” It might be because he spells his first name with only one ‘T.” Edgy!

* Between the Green Pillars looks at how the bullpen is holding up. Conclusion: OK

* Brewers-Canadian Relations on the mend?

* From the “You Have to See This” Department.  Switch hitter versus a switch pitcher. Probably one of the most amazing baseball things I’ve ever seen.

* The Business of Baseball: Then and Now

By: Dan Wiersema




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