Dillard pays price for implosion and sent down

20 06 2008

UPDATE 06-20-08 – I’ve also updated the signed prospect list.  Be sure to check that out.


Hi all! This is Jim. I’m in Boston, MA right now, but my hotel room has internet connection! Just stopping by to see what’s going on with the site.

I’m glad to see Dan is keeping up so well with the site. It’s a lot of work too keep up with it, but he’s passing the call with flying colors.

Anyway, here’s some news. After imploding last night in the ninth inning, Tim Dillard has been sent down to Triple-A. To replace him, Milwaukee called up left-hander Mitch Stetter. Doug Melvin hasn’t played around with the bullpen in the last week or so.

This move may have happened more because Melvin wanted another lefty in the ‘pen, and Mitch has regained his control in the minors. I wouldn’t be so quick to blame Dillard for this demotion. He’s looked good on the mound, throwing a 95-96 mph fastball with ease. The control has been a bit of a problem in his past couple starts, but it should come around nicely.

Tim Dillard will be back in Milwaukee sometime this season. You can count on that.



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