Round ‘Em Up – Thursday

19 06 2008

Keeping up this blog sure is a lot a work. Good thing I’ve got summers off to write now. I have got a whole new appreciation for Jim for starting this little home for us at BrewersNation. No more talking.. here’s the quick hits of today’s top stories.

* Trouble in paradise for Prince – According to the Detroit News and followed up by JS, Prince Fielder owes over $400,000 in federal income taxes. Both Fielder and his agent, Scott Boras, have refused to comment on what they called a “person matter.” Apparently, Prince owes money from back taxes in 2003, the year after he received his $2.4 million signing bonus. Prince is in “no danger of being prosecuted” and Boras hinted that the matter was being resolved. Hardricourt wrote that some of the this situation might be tied to continuing problems with Fielder’s father, Cecil, who was in on the original negotiations in 2002. Cecil, notoriously, lost all of his $47 million in career earnings in a series of bad investments and gambling debts.

* David Riske returns to the team today – The bigger point is who goes down? Mark DiFelice (4.35 ERA in 10 2/3 in), Tim Dillard (1.17 ERA in 7 2/3 in) or Julian Tavarez (8.59 ERA in 7 1/3 in)? Gee… take a wild guess! Hey Melvin/Yost! There’s a reason Boston unloaded this guy. Tavarez is like a new pair of shoes you get when you’re a kid. For about a day or two the shoes make you feel like you’re faster, but its all a bunch of baloney. You’ve just got regular, old Freddie Krueger-looking shoes.

* Jeremy Jeffress… ever heard of the kid? – Well if you haven’t, Saber Scouting has a profile of him. Apparently, the kid is good or something.

* Brew Crew Pub tells us why OBP matters – Good numbers… shinny.

* Brew Town Beat loves Russell Branyan – Like loves, loves Russell Branyan.

* Don’t like how the game’s being called? Hit the ump. (Thanks for the link Adam)

* Happy Anniversary Modern Baseball! – The first baseball game with “Knickerbocker Rules” was played on this date in 1846.

* I got a foul ball! – Went to the game last night and Blue Jays OF/DH Matt Stairs tossed me a Craig Counsell foul ground ball. Never got one before….


* “Robinade” Update: Now with pictures!

* Forgot to mention the other NL Central teams: Cubs lost to the Rays (I know! Two in a row) along with loses for everyone else in the Central. Houston, man, SEVEN in a row. Cooper might be out of a job soon.

* Speaking of the Cubs… more injuries – Carlos Zambrano left the game with a shoulder injury and Jim Edmonds left with soreness in his left foot and will get an MRI.

By: Dan Wiersema




2 responses

19 06 2008

Nice pick up on the foul ball. I caught one last year on a foul ball by Mark Teahen right behind homeplate. Got a good cheer too for the catch. Probably the last time that’ll happen in my life. It is my one and only as well.

That hit the ump thing is ridiculous, and I’m glad that kid got tossed from his walk on spot at college. That’s so Bush League, you don’t deserve to play the game anymore.

19 06 2008
Dan Wiersema

Yeah I couldn’t believe the video of the ump thing either. I watched it like four times. Funny, but as you said it.. bush league.

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