Round ‘Em Up – Wednesday

18 06 2008

Good morning citizens of BrewersNation! Jim is heading out on the road so you’ve got the Dan show for the next week or so. How ’bout that Crew win last night? All of these home runs are making Milwaukee look like that power team of 2007.

Anyways here’s a quick hit of today’s top stories:

* Everyone else in the NL Central lost last night. Cubs fell 3-2 to the (Devil) Rays and the Royals beat St. Louis 2-1. Keep up the good Interleague work, boys.

* Mark Rodgers, the Brewers’ first round pick in 2004 won’t be pitching at all this year. Rodgers underwent surgery to repair a slap lesion in his labrum in January of 2007 and missed all of last season, too. Rodgers will have a procedure to clean out scar tissue in the same shoulder. Asst. GM Gorden Ash called the surgery “nothing major,” but one has to think that this Mr. Rodgers, who hasn’t pitched in two years, won’t be making the Bigs like the Brewers had hoped when the shelled out $2.2 mil for him out of high school.

* Just like every other troubling thing when it comes to Milwaukee, Ned Yost’s “isn’t all that concerned about it.” What is it this time? His own job. With the axing of Mets manager Willie Randolph, Yost is one of the other MLB managers in the hot seat. Good for Yost… focus on the games and not the mounting calls for your head. It makes perfect sense because if you don’t focus on the games and the team, they’ll lose and you’ll be out of a job. Pay attention.

* Brew Town Beat says “no way, Jose” for CC Sabathia. He argues the club doesn’t want to give up its AA talent. Agreed.

* JJ Hardy will be back in the line up tonight – I hope this means no Bill Hall at second base. That great experiment should be over, FOREVER. Rickie Weeks, on the other hand, just starting taking ground balls in his rehab.

* Mark DiFelice is accurate – And Julian Tavarez is not. That’s a no brainer, but if you want numbers how about DiFelice’s KK-to-BB ratio of 12:0. Nice!

* The man that might send DiFelice back down, David Riske, is almost ready to come back. In AAA last night, Riske only needed 12 pitches to strikeout the side and got all three batters to go down swinging.

* Don’t run onto the field – That’s what one guy did in the Jays/Crew game last night. I kinda though football and soccer had the corner on the running-on-to-the-field-market, but I guess baseball nuts want a piece of the action as well.

* MLB means business on “speed of game” regulations – The front office just handed down fines for the Astros’ Cecil Cooper and the Twins’ Ron Gardenhire. Fun fact: A nine-inning game was averaging 2 hours, 51 minutes, 42 seconds this season at the time, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. That’s only 29 seconds longer than last season, but 5½ minutes longer than five years ago. In 1981, an average game took 2:33. Watch it Braun, don’t adjust those gloves too much.

* Hot day? Turn to a nice cold glass of Robin Yount’s new drink… “Robinade” Not kidding. Uecker said that they’re great for mixers. But, why to a I feel like some lawyers at Gatorade might give Yount a call?

* And last, but not least, “Batting Stances of Brewers: Past and Present”

Anything else out there, BrewersNation?

By: Dan Wiersema



4 responses

18 06 2008
bernie carbo

That batting stance video on you tube had me holding my stomach from laughing. The guy has Robin Yount and Cooper down to a T…..and his Ryan Braun impersonation is a definite grammy award. Classic. Thank you for the link!

From a numbers standpoint, it made no sense to have Counsell batting lead-off last night insteead of Hart. Logically, I assume Ned was thinking in terms of Counsell a lefty and McGowan a righty….But numbers and logic are sometimes not the bread and butter Ned Yost preaches. Sometimes, I think Ned makes decisions based on his own instincts. I think we all know this. It would be inteesting to see a graph of Ned’s decisions based on instincts over the years and the effect they had on a game’s outcome. It might be an impossible task….Whether you like or dislike Ned, it is very clear who Ned Yost is…He is the manager and only his decision counts. Not all managers are able to build this type of atmosphere. You may disagree with Ned 90 percent of the time, but he does offer leadership. So far, I think his biggest mistake is he mis management of Turnbow.

18 06 2008
Dan Wiersema

Yeah I didn’t really get the Counsell move last night either. Obviously Ned was feeling down on Hart b/c over the last few games he’s had a rough going. But is Counsell lead off material, I think not, but who else is when Weeks is out of the line up (no… RW isn’t LO material either) and Hart is off.

Its a tough call because Yost would normally stick with his LO guy until EVERY single sign pointed elsewhere or was forced by injury (like in the Weeks case) so to move Hart from the LO position was surprising. I hope tonight that Hart is back at top and Hall is nowhere near 2nd base.

As for Ned’s instincts it funny because if I made my coaching decisions based on gut feelings I can’t understand why some of his moves or non-moves haven’t elicited a “feeling” from Ned in many situations. My own stomach has turned time and time again as a baseball layman whereas Yost’s finely tuned baseball head/stomach should send out warning signs even earlier than mine yet nothing happens.

For example the Tavarez travesty the other night. My head/heart/stomach were all counting their collective stars that JT got out of the bases loaded inning and most logic would assume that one wouldn’t march a guy who couldn’t locate his slider to save his life out for another inning. Yost says he did it to save DiFelice and Mota, who he didn’t want to overuse, but then acknowledge that he would have used either the next inning if the game progressed that far… those statements don’t match up. Then he follows by saying he was trying to win the game and not worry about anything else. If that’s true that put a guy out there to win the game and not worry about giving two releivers another days rest for tomorrow’s game… Sheesh!

Main point… alarm bells going off… instincts of Ned’s are messed up. Game over Crew.

18 06 2008
bernie carbo

Good point about Tavarez which clearly proves the questionable instincts of Yost. I hope we see him as a fill in only for Riske…and someone to be released.

I have the impression that Yost feels obligated to use newly acquired pitchers regardless of the situation and regardless of what makes most sense. I understand this ir-rational feeling, but I am beginning to think it is not appropriate for a big league manager.

When Riske returns and according to your reporting of his 3 strikeout inning, he is almost ready….I hope we call on him in critical situations. We signed him for 3 years and he should be the guy in the 7th and sometimes 8th, setting up for Torres.

18 06 2008

Interesting article for those interested, Dan feel free to include it in your next round’em up.

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