Round ’em Up: Monday

16 06 2008

Unfortunately, I had to move to a new place yesterday, so I was unable to watch the game. It is pretty hard to give analysis of the game without watching it. The last thing I want to do is patronize you all with secondhand commentary.

Here are a couple game wraps for you – SportsBubblerMilwaukee JS.

Today’s Round ’em Up will be much better than yesterday’s. There is much more for you all to read, as the work week started. Let’s take a look:

  • The bullpen looks to be getting some help with the return of David Riske next week, but Eric Gagne could be coming back in a few weeks. He threw his first bullpen session since being injured. It’s not much, but it is a start. Salomon Torres appears to have the closer’s role secured upon Gagne’s return, but Eric will be a very valuable part of the middle relief squad.
  • Perhaps the best story of the year has been the success of Seth McClung in the starting rotation. After another very solid start yesterday, Brew Crew Ball analyzes the release point and movement of McClung’s pitches. Both have been much, much more consistent since he’s switched to the starting rotation. That mysterious “mechanical fix” has worked wonders for the big right-hander. He’s throwing much more over-the-top, which makes his curveball very much like that of Ben Sheets.
  • Speaking of David Riske and his imminent return, The Brew Town Beat hopes Doug Melvin and Ned Yost will send down Julian Tavarez rather than Mark DiFelice. I understand the reasoning, but Ned’s preference for gritty veterans will help Tavarez stick in the bigs. DiFelice would have more upside, however.
  • The Brew Town Beat also says that Brewers fans should give Lyle Overbay a huge standing ovation upon his return to Milwaukee tomorrow. I completely agree. Let’s not be like Cubs fans. Lyle gave the Brewers many good years, and he deserves to be congratulated for it. Brewers fans proved they are classy when giving Randy Johnson a standing ovation after moving into second in the career strikeout list. They should give that same respect to one of their own, Lyle Overbay.
  • Brew Crew Pub takes a look at the situations at third base and in center field. I agree that Russell Branyan has done nothing but prove he deserves more playing time. His defense has been better than anyone thought, as well. In center field, I’m not sure what should happen. There are arguments for both Mike Cameron and Tony Gwynn Jr. I will have to think about this a little more before coming up with a conclusion.
  • Brew Crew Ball interviewed RHP Garrett Sherrill, the Brewers’ 12th-round pick from Appalachian State University.
  • has their Farm Hops for May 2008. It’s a little late, but it has a great overview of the whole system. It even takes a look at a couple of the players the players drafted in the MLB First Year Player draft. They particularly like Jake Orodizzi with the sandwich pick. He’s compared to Will Inman, which cannot be anything but positive.
  • Fire Ned Yost is quite concerned with the Helena Brewers. Yost’s son, Ned IV is now the manager. Oh goodness…
  • There were a couple promotions yesterday in the minor leagues!LHP Chris Cody has been promoted to Brevard County.
    C Jonathan Lucroy has also been promoted to Brevard County.

    Congratulations to both players. They both were a bit old to be playing in West Virginia, so this promotion was a long-time coming.

UPDATE 06-16-08 – Jeff Sackmann from Brew Crew Ball is done with Tom Haudricourt and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

I agree with the sentiment that Haudricourt and Witrado can be snippy at times, but the Milwaukee JS still has incredible ties to the Brewers organization.  They can get information that no one else can.

I’m not willing to sever ties with the Milwaukee JS at this time.  I may change my mind if the trend continues, however.  His comments to Mass Hass at were inexcusable.  Mass Hass is a fantastic resource and extremely credible.  Tom Haudricourt was out of line.



6 responses

16 06 2008
Dan Wiersema

I’m in the anti-Cameron camp right now. He’s 8 for 47 of late and his defense has been underwhelming. Tony Gwynn maybe…. but Kapler (he doesn’t get enough credit… the defense he was being hit on for would’ve been just as hard for the other guys) is as decent of a fielder and a much better hitter than both right now.

16 06 2008

I like Kapler as well, but I don’t think he can sustain the numbers he has with regular work. Furthermore, his isopatience is a pretty treacherous 33. So basically, he gets a hit or he’s out. This team doesn’t need that right now. He’s the perfect pinch hit and double switch sub because you don’t lose too much in a just a couple of innings. In fact, you may gain the ability to make more contact considering the other outfielders we have starting.

16 06 2008
orville reddenbrewer

i don’t see why we wouldn’t give kapler at least a shot at starting. he’s one of the few guys on the team batting over .300. sure that might go down with more ABs, but you don’t know unless you try.

but, on a bigger note, tom haudricourt is the most unprofessional reporter i’ve seen operate. i’m a journalist myself and i can tell you that it’s been appalling professionally to read his stories, see the way he goes after readers in the blog comments section, the way he indiscriminately defends yost at all costs and his absolute failure to be objective and ask hard questions. i read one mailbag each by TH and AW and couldn’t stand the condescension and stopped reading altogether.

no offense to the keepers of this site, but if the JS had the type of professional and quality reporters on the baseball beat that it does for the packers, i wouldn’t need to constantly be searching elsewhere for brewers news.

16 06 2008
orville reddenbrewer

i’m still amazed we signed cameron and moved two guys to accommodate him. for a team that last year lacked guys that could get on base and had plenty of HR power, he seemed be the complete opposite of what we were looking for.

16 06 2008
Dan Wiersema

The J-S Brewers Blog has absolutely nothing to contribute. Its only “this will be in tomorrow’s print edition, but…” and game line ups (which I get when I turn on the game) and terrible, TERRIBLE game threads.

Tom H and Anthony are condescending writers during their mailbags, always treating the fans like they have no knowledge of baseball. They might be able to sit on their journalism high-horse, but there are plenty of people around this town that know a thing or two about baseball to ask intelligent questions or make insightful commentary (not me of course) without being treated like a rival in the baseball know-how/sports journalism world.

16 06 2008
bernie carbo

I think we’re in a good place as far as the media goes. I don’t bother checking out the journal sentinel for one reason.

Brewers nation and Brew Crerw Pub and other Brewer sites write Brewer talk because first and foremost they are hardcore Brewer fans. It is not their job. They don’t have to edit their thoughts and ideas and satisfy anyone. Cripes….I’ve been reading Brew Crew Pub’s entries for months and months and there is very little response, but he marches on and of course he makes no money. The internet and blogs is the end of baseball team information monopoly…Even interviews are slowly opening up to blogs. I think because the baseball community is not about university degrees and titles on doors and professionals…….it’s about crazy and insightful baseball fans who would run to the boxscores or a radio broadcast or climb a homerun fence to get a look at a game even if they were Great depression down and out….Baseball fans are writing blogs…’s a good time to be awake.

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