Round ’em Up: Friday

13 06 2008

You all get a short Round ’em Up today, as I’m about ready to start writing the NL Central Review.  Here’s what I have.

  • The Milwaukee Brewers released Jeff Weaver late last night.  He pretty much cemented his release after blowing up in his last outing.  I suspect he’ll still land somewhere with a minor league gig.
  • Tom Haudricourt is reporting that J.J. Hardy’s sore left shoulder will be evaluated today at Miller Park.  He’s passing all the strength tests, which is a good sign.  Hardy also says he can play today.  Hopefully, it’s nothing too burdensome.
  • Yesterday, In-Between Hops said this is the perfect time for the Brewers to make a move in the division.  Today, Two Fisted Slopper says it’s time for Milwaukee to turn it into high gear.  It’s the same type of arguments about the Brewers difficult schedule so far, the fact they will be at home now, etc. etc. etc.
  • Jim Powell has an interview with Jim Callis from Baseball America.  They chat about first-round pick Brett Lawrie.  This guy is getting tons of chatter.
  • Brew Crew Ball has been interviewing every Brewers draftee it seems.  Here’s one with 9th-round pick RHP Michael Bowman.



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