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11 06 2008

Last night officially sucked. I’m glad I was unable to catch any of the game, as it would have made for a disappointing evening. I have a good feeling about today’s game though. Manny Parra has been looking good, and Brandon Backe is due to get shelled by the Crew.

Be sure to check out the tab just under the banner on the site – 2008 MLB Draft Selection / Signing. It has every player Milwaukee drafted. It is sorted by round selected, and there is a scouting report linked to every player. I know, I know…I overdid. Enjoy!

  • Since Rickie Weeks went down with injury, Ned Yost made wholesale changes in the lineup. I know hindsight is 20/20…but I think last night showed that it didn’t work. Then again, Roy Oswalt was absolutely dealing last night.
  • On to some good news. David Riske is feeling much better after a 30-35 pitch bullpen session yesterday. He will be sent to the minors for a couple rehab starts during the Brewers’ next homestand. My guess is that Mark DiFelice will be sent down to make room for Riske. That’s too bad, as he has better stuff than Julian Tavarez. He probably can make a throw to first base as well.
  • The Brewer Nation (not to be confused with this site, BrewersNation) is losing faith in Milwaukee’s road offense. After the past four games, I have too.
  • Jim Powell has a short little recap of yesterday’s game, along with a couple of audio clips. He seems to believe that Seth McClung has cured his control problems for good. I must admit, I have been very impressed with Seth since he’s been plugged in the rotation. He needs to hit the 100-pitch mark soon, as his arm should be sufficiently stretched out.
  • Right Field Bleachers has a nice Week in Review type of post. The Brewers’ batting average has actually been quite high this week, including on this road trip. The problem is that the hitters cannot plate any runs with runners in scoring position. Aggressiveness at the plate is great, but you have to show some semblance of plate discipline. I’m talking to you Ryan Braun.
  • Between the Green Pillars analyzes Milwaukee’s Pythagorean record, and things do not look all that promising. Unless the team can start scoring some runs consistently, the Brewers will not get too far above or below .500.
  • In-Between Hops takes a look at the road woes of the Brewers. It’s fine to simply look at the stats, but that means nothing unless it has some sort of analysis with it.
  • Ken Rosenthal from FOX Sports says that the Brewers are poised to make a run at a starting pitcher. The wealth of valuable trade chips in Double-A Huntsville very much appeal to other teams. Who will the Crew try to nab though? I don’t expect any big names to be coming this way.
  • The Baseball Analysts love Brett Lawrie’s bat. If I hit over .400 against pro talent in the Dominican Republic at age 18, they would love my bat too. I’ll work on that… The only hard part is that I would have to be able to reverse years to be 18 again. I’ll just lie like Miguel Tejada. Problem solved.
  • Huntsville has a new utility infielder, Michael Garciaparra. That’s right, Nomar’s younger brother. Michael was once regarded as a star prospect, but injuries have slowed him down considerably. He is now in a back-up role on the talented Huntsville Stars team. Perhaps he can find his game again.

UPDATE 06-11-08

For any fans hoping Jeff Weaver had found something in the minor leagues, it may be time to give up hope.  He had posted a couple of very solid starts together down in Nashville.  Hopes were high that he would help out at the big league level sometime soon.

Today, however, Jeff went out and gave up 8 earned runs in six innings of work.  He gave up 11 hits and walked 4 batters.  It seems his opt-out clause may be calling his name in the near future.



7 responses

11 06 2008
bernie carbo

Please don’t let the following comment be a jynx for tonite…but after a slow start that I guess was primarily caused by not getting ahead of batters, Parra has some impressive numbers…Now, if he can match his home field performances with some away game quality starts, we’re talking top NL rookie pitcher…..since I don’t think Volquez qualifies as a rookie or maybe I’m wrong.

Anyway, as far as tonite, I’m pumped up especially after reading that Backe is due to get shelled…I like that!!

11 06 2008

thanks for the note about michael garciapara – i have been trying to get an answer on when the crew got him. how did they get him? was he a FA? just curious…

11 06 2008

okay, now i actually read the article and see how they got him…

11 06 2008
Jim Breen

Milwaukee signed him on May 31st. Yeah, he was a free agent. If he can get his feet under him again, he could be a steal.

11 06 2008

Any insight on what happened with the Braun beaning last night Jim?

11 06 2008
Jim Breen

I don’t know what happened. I wasn’t able to catch any of the game last night, but from what I hear, it was pretty suspicious. They may have decided to bean him.

I think the umpire agreed that it was pretty suspicious. He didn’t even make a little move to eject anyone after McClung plunked Tejada. The only thing I know is that it looked suspicious, and the ump must have thought so too.

13 08 2008
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