Signed 2008 Draft picks

10 06 2008

Courtesy of, here is the list of Milwaukee’s 2008 Draft picks that have been signed through about 7:00pm CT this evening.  I have to run out to dinner shortly, but I’ll probably be creating a page that has the complete list.  Stay tuned for that.

Until then…

35th overall selection – LHP Evan Frederickson
53rd overall selection – RHP Seth Lintz
54th overall selection – CF Cutter Dykstra
128th overall selection – LHP Joshua Romanski
158th overall selection – RHP Maverick Lasker
218th overall selection – RHP Trey Watten
278th overall selection – RHP Michael Bowman
308th overall selection – RHP Greg Miller
338th overall selection – SS Michael “Mikey” Marseco
368th overall selection – RHP Garrett Sherrill
428th overall selection – C Corey Kemp
458th overall selection – RHP Mark Willinsky
518th overall selection – RHP Damon Krestalude
608th overall selection – RHP Liam Ohlmann
668th overall selection – RHP Benjamin Jeffers
728th overall selection – LHP Brandon Ritchie
758th overall selection – SS John Delaney
788th overall selection – C Derrick Alfonso
938th overall selection – RHP Brandon Rapoza
1058th overall selection – OF Michael Vass
Non-drafted free agent – INF-OF Brandon Drespling




2 responses

11 06 2008
bernie carbo

That makes 21 out of 54 signed. I found it interesting that of the 54 players we drafted, 6 are Canadians including our 1st rounder. Maybe, it comes as no surprise since Mr. Melvin was born somewhere in Ontario I think.

I was wondering if anyone knows what the Brewers scouting strtaegy is…Do they have more scouts in Canada in the hopes of finding some overlooked players? I assume that the majority of Major League teams prefer to look in the Dominican Republic or at the University level.

Or maybe, scouting is so organized these days that finding a player that has slipped under the radar is very rare.

11 06 2008
Jim Breen

The Brewers are well known for being having the best and most thorough scouting team in Canada. Teams don’t scout Canada all that hard, as players cannot play all year around like they can in the south. It’s just personal preference for the Brewers, and I’m sure the fact that Melvin is Canadian doesn’t hurt anything.

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