Round ’em Up: Monday

9 06 2008

UPDATE 06-09-08 3:35pm – Rickie Weeks finished his examination on his knee in Milwaukee.  The doctored diagnosed the Brewers second baseman with a “sprained left knee.”  He is listed as day-to-day.

After the past couple years when Rickie has been injured, however, I highly doubt he will be back within the week.  I hope I am wrong.  Weeks doesn’t have a track record of bouncing back quickly from injuries.


UPDATE 06-09-08 1:55pm – It seems the Brewers are not interested in Brian Roberts after all.

Tom Haudricourt spoke with Doug Melvin this afternoon, and Melvin refuted Ken Rosenthal’s claim. The Brewers did have scouts at the Baltimore games, but no specialist scout had been assigned to Roberts. The scouts attended the games as a part of standard protocol. There is apparently nothing special about the scouts being at the game.


The Milwaukee Brewers have an off-day today, but are traveling to Houston to take on the Astros tomorrow. Monday’s Round ’em Up is always much more fun, as all the bloggers are out in full force after the weekend. It still means that the weekends are slow.

  • Second baseman Rickie Weeks is on his way to Milwaukee to get his injured knee examined by the team doctors. He had his knee buckled by a hard slide while he was trying to turn two over the weekend. Hopefully this is not as bad as it sounds…because it could turn into a Yovani Gallardo type of situation.
  • Mike Cameron has been seeing the bench a little more lately. He’s been struggling mightily at the plate, and Gabe Kapler has been the model of production in the early months. I suspect Cameron will be back in the lineup tomorrow, but Tom Haudricourt says he will probably not be in the two-hole. You know the saying, “How many licks does it take to get to the inside of a tootsie pop?” This situation is more like, “How much has to go wrong before Ned Yost admits he’s wrong?” Perhaps nobody will know…
  • Chuckie Hacks says that Salomon Torres and Carlos Villanueva should be the 7th through 9th inning tandem from here on out. I’m sorry, but I thought we discussed this whole “set formula” thing. Not a fan.
  • Jeff Suppan is finally pitching like he’s worth the money the Brewers signed him for last off-season. It is nice to see Soup grinding out some tough starts and just plain producing for the Crew.
  • Here’s another diary entry from Matt LaPorta, courtesy of Baseball Digest Daily.
  • The Jay from Brew Crew Ball has a nice graphic up about the Brewers bullpen. They are not overused, but they do throw a lot of pitches. I do appreciate the category that has Milwaukee without Turnbow as its own team. How true that is.
  • This is something I have not heard until today. Ken Rosenthal from FOX Sports is reporting that the Milwaukee Brewers are interested in Baltimore second-baseman Brian Roberts. The Crew has had scouts at the past couple Orioles games. Rosenthal suggests that a Rickie WeeksBrian Roberts trade would be unfair for Milwaukee. If Weeks’ knee gets better in the coming week or so and the Brewers could pull off this trade without giving up anything but Rickie Weeks, you pull the trigger. No questions asked.
  • Jim Powell writes about the Brewers and their lack of momentum on the road. Their road woes sicken me.
  • Speaking of Jim Powell, he has an interview with Brewers first-round pick, Brett Lawrie. Here’s the audio stream.
  • In-Between Hops suggests that Carlos Villanueva is the closer for the future for the Milwaukee Brewers. I agree that he’s been spectacular out of the bullpen this season, but Carlos will have to prove his worth over a full season before I would hand over the 9th inning duties to him for good.
  • As BrewersNation reader Aaron pointed out, the Brewers could take a look at RHP Sidney Ponson. His ERA seems to be misleading, as batters are getting good wood on the ball consistently. I don’t think Milwaukee is a team that goes the “troubled player” route.
  • SS Matt Cline was demoted to West Virginia this week. He has responded, however, giving the slumping Power a nice little jolt.



4 responses

9 06 2008

So upon further review… and sobriety… Sydney Ponson is not the fix. He’s essentially the opposite of Jeff Weaver, but with terrible command. I just hate Dave Bush so much. If there’s any guy on this team that has destroyed the confidence of this team more than Bush, I would be surprised. You can say Gagne, but everybody has to remember two of those five blown saves were not his fault. One was missed catch by Prince for a DP and another was blown routine DP turn from Weeks. I’m not defending him, but you gotta ask some questions. Gagne has been bad, but is not the reason this team is playing so poorly.

9 06 2008
Jim Breen

Dave Bush has been terrible this year. I agree with you on that point. I’m actually working on an article about that. It should be up tonight hopefully.

I’m surprised more people are not talking about this interest in Brian Roberts. Has anyone heard about this before? Is it a good idea? Speak up!!! Make yourself heard.

9 06 2008

This is the first i’ve heard. There’s always been news surrounding Roberts to the Cubs, but that was all silenced once Theriot, DeRosa and Fontenot got things completely together. I guess I would take Roberts in a heartbeat based on his numbers .282/.352 as well as about 29 SB a year, more so because he’s established and I still think the Brewers are legitimate WC contenders.

But the problem is that he’s approaching that magical age of 30. I’m not really sure what his contract looks like either. Could be interesting.

9 06 2008

Haudricourt just trumped it. No trade, just normal scoutings to see if anything is worth asking for.

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