Round ’em Up: Saturday

7 06 2008

UPDATE 06-07-08 – The Brewers have their first official signing of the 2008 First Year Player Draft.  Their 7th round pick, RHP Trey Watten, has decided to turn pro this season.

The big right-hander had impressive numbers at Abiliene Christian University, posting a 2.56 ERA in a 10-win season.  Many apparently thought Trey had first-round talent, but he fell to the Brewers in the second round.

Hopefully this trend can become the norm.  The Crew needs some depth in the minor leagues in the pitching department.


The weekends have proven to be quite scarce on the Brewers news lately. There are the standard articles written by the Milwaukee JS and, but that’s been about it. Mid-season fatigue setting in for the bloggers already?

  • Ned Yost defends his pitching move in last night’s game. My girlfriend and I caught the end of last night’s game, and she asked me, “Why are they taking out a pitcher who pitched so well last inning?” Ummmm…I still don’t have a satisfactory answer for that. Ned says that it was a save opportunity, but it would strike me that you would leave a hot pitcher in the game if you wanted to preserve a close lead. What do I know though, right?
  • FireNedYost feels Yosted after last night’s game.
  • Do you remember the report that said the Los Angeles Dodgers were close to acquiring a veteran infielder? It came out simultaneously with the news that Bill Hall wanted a trade. Some speculated as to whether or not Bill was going to be moved to LA. That’s not the case. The Dodgers acquired Angel Berroa. Angel makes Billy look like an All-Star at the plate.
  • The Brewers have shown some real confidence in right-hander Tim Dillard. He looks forward to protecting close leads against the Colorado Rockies again this weekend.
  • Here are the college splits from all the Brewers draft picks from the past couple days. The high school players obviously do not have any stats on them, but it is interesting to look at. You have to take the numbers with a grain of salt, however. Make sure to look at who they play for and what division it is in before making a bold conclusion.
  • A Giants fan posted a note on Brew Crew Ball and wondered if Jonathan Sanchez and Bengie Molina would be enough to get Bill Hall and Matt LaPorta to San Francisco. No. The Brewers do not need or want Bengie Molina. Jonathan Sanchez has a great arm, but he walks far too many people and cannot pitch deep into games. Thanks, but no thanks.
  • Baseball Digest Daily wants to know what the big deal with left-handed pitching is in the draft. Why do so many lefties go so early? My guess is because quality pitching from the left side is difficult to find. Teams take a hand full of lefties hoping to hit on one. Or you could be like the Brewers this year and take 3,274,231 pitchers in the draft. I didn’t count how many pitchers they actually took, I must admit. That is a rough estimate.



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