Round ’em Up: Friday

6 06 2008

The Milwaukee Brewers had an exciting day yesterday, drafting six of the nations top young prospects to retool their farm system in the lower ranks.  I was surprised by some of the picks.  In general, however, I put all my trust in Jack Zduriencik with his picks.  He must have felt like a kid in a candy store yesterday.  I know I did when reading up on all the draftees.

  • As you all know, the Brewers selected C/3B Brett Lawrie with their first-round pick yesterday.  Tom Haudricourt has some news on Lawrie.

    Milwaukee is routinely known as having one of the best scouting teams in Canada, so it is not surprising that Jack Z and company knew Brett better than anyone else.  In fact, one of his coaches is on the Brewers scouting staff.  The Brewers have been on to the kid for the past couple of years.  Jack sounded downright giddy about getting his man in the first round.

    Brett Lawrie certainly does not lack confidence.  In a conference call with Haudricourt, Brett says that he does not expect to be in the big leagues for more than a year and a half.  That’s a bold prediction, especially for a player that does not have a definite position.  Jack Zduriencik says that Lawrie has a reason to be confident in his bat, which is encouraging.  The young man from Canada also is excited about playing behind the plate.  The Brewers will give him every opportunity to shine as a backstop before moving him to third base or second base.

  • Here’s the obligatory article connecting CF Cutter Dykstra to his father, Lenny Dykstra.  The kid sounds like he has some nice tools though.  He’s a player I hope the Brewers get in the organization quickly.

    I also heard on the radio this morning that RHP Jake Orodizzi mentioned before the draft that if he was selected in the first round and a half, he would probably relinquish his scholarship to Louisville to play in the minors.  Let’s hope that’s true because his stats as a prep are sick.

  • John Sickels from Minor League Ball loves what the Brewers did with their first two picks.  In fact, John thought the Minnesota Twins should have scooped up both Lawrie and Orodizzi before the Brewers even had a chance to draft them.  I’m glad they didn’t.
  • The Baseball Savant believes that the Brett Lawrie pick was risky because he doesn’t have a definite defensive position.  Neither did Matt LaPorta or Ryan Braun, but those are working out rather well.  Teams will find a place for players to play if they can rake like Lawrie reportedly can.  Defense may be an issue, but defensive positioning will not be.
  • Here’s a scouting video of Lawrie from
  • The Brew Town Beat has a long post about Milwaukee JS Reporter Anthony Witrado and how unprofessional he is with his mailbag responses.  I agree some of the responses are sarcastic and arrogant, but I find the hatred lots of people are holding for Witrado to be a little odd.  Why does it matter?  I mostly linked to it because I find some of the responses he gives as hilarious.  People do ask stupid questions, and I’m sure Anthony does get annoyed.  I suppose that doesn’t justify his responses in a published newspaper, but it’s still funny.
  • The Milwaukee Brewers play the Colorado Rockies tonight, in case you forgot.  The MLB Draft has taken much of the attention off the Brewers during their current surge.  I’m sure you won’t hear Ned Yost or the Brewers complain though.  Playing under the radar can be a big positive for the team.  Brew Crew Pub has a preview of the upcoming series.



4 responses

6 06 2008

Almost every pick today has been a pitcher. Unreal.

6 06 2008
Jim Breen

If my math serves me right…through Round 22, the Brewers have selected 1 shortstop, 1 catcher, 1 left fielder, and 13 pitchers. Wow.

6 06 2008

The large amount of pitchers makes me think we are building to hope to challenge soon. Trade markets beg for pitching prospects and it looks like we are almost drafting trade chips.

7 06 2008

You’ve really done an awesome job with this site. I remember when you started it. It looks great. This and the JS are the only 2 stops I need to make to keep a pulse of what is going on with the Brewers. Keep up the great work.

*As I thought, the Brewers have some fight in them. Just 3 out of the Wildcard. I’m still waiting on that true tear by Prince Fielder.

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