Round ’em Up: Wednesday

4 06 2008

Seth McClung and the boys kept it rolling last night, pulling away late in the game for a 7-1 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The MLB Draft is tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ll have my Mock Draft up either later today or tomorrow morning.

  • Eli from MLB Rumors has some thoughts about where Bill Hall could be headed.  He names the Nationals, Mariners, and Giants.  I agree with the possibility of the Mariners, but the other two possibilities are very unlikely.  Eli has lost a bit of credibility with me the past couple of posts about the Brewers, as his insight has been a little faulty.  You’d think the Dodgers and Indians would make the list before the Nationals and Giants.  That’s just me though…
  • Brewers Bar has a plea to Brewers fans out today.  I agree with it completely.  While it is every fan’s right to boo and cheer for whom they wish, fans could stand to be a little classier and cheer on their own players.  Do you really think booing a player will help his psyche?  Think about it a little bit before you boo.  Instead of booing, come onto a blog and rant.  Much more productive.
  • MLB Trade Rumors has the starting pitching market posted.  Taking a quick look, I would think the Brewers would be interested in Derek Lowe and perhaps someone like Boof Bonser or Jarrod Washburn.  I’m surprised that Anthony Reyes is not on the list.
  • SportsBubbler named C Jonathan Lucroy the prospect of the week.  It’s great to see Jonathan getting some face time on Brewers sites.  He has been extremely gracious in doing the interviews for this site, and we at BrewersNation wish him the best of luck.  Keep swinging the bat like you have been, Jonathan, and we’ll see you in the bigs soon.
  • 3B Mat Gamel and OF Matt LaPorta made Baseball America’s Prospect Hot Sheet.  Gamel was second behind Jay Bruce.  That is understandable.
  • Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz opts to have season-ending shoulder surgery.  It’s always difficult to see one of the best pitchers in the league go down to injury.  John also points out that retirement is definitely an option at this point.  If he is not able to throw at his normal arm angle, I suspect he will retire.
  • Jonathan Mayo of attempts to predict the Top 30 picks of the MLB Draft.  He has the Milwaukee Brewers selecting C/3B Brett Lawrie.  That bat would be tough to pass on if he does fall to the #16 slot.  He’s only a high schooler, but he can rake already.
  • has their Power 50 up.  Matt LaPorta still ranks #1 as the top Brewers prospect.  I’m not sure I agree with that anymore.  Mat Gamel has a .380+ average, draws walks, has power, and has improved defensively a bit.  I have to give him the nod right now.



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