2008 Mock MLB Draft

4 06 2008

1. Tampa Bay Rays – SS Tim Beckham (Griffin HS, GA)

Catcher Buster Posey from Florida State could easily be the first pick in the draft, as the Rays are thin behind the plate in the minor leagues. I simply believe the Rays will be unable to resist all the tools and the potential Beckham brings to the table. There are no slam dunk collegiate players in this year’s draft, so the Rays will go with the best high school player in the draft.

2. Pittsburgh Pirates – 3B Pedro Alvarez (Vanderbilt Univ.)

Pirates fans have been screaming about the organization’s unwillingness to spend money on premium prospects. That will change this year, as Pittsburgh takes the fine-hitting third baseman and shell out the big bucks.

3. Kansas City Royals – 1B Eric Hosmer (American Heritage HS, Fla.)

Will the Royals meet Scott Boras’ price tag for Hosmer? The Royals have a history of taking quality bats in the first round, and Eric’s ability to mash at the plate will convince Kansas City to splurge on the high schooler. The new management in KC has proven they are willing to spend money (i.e. Gill Meche & Jose Guillen).

4. Baltimore Orioles – LHP Brian Matusz (San Diego Univ.)

All reports suggest the Orioles have locked onto either Matusz or RHP Aaron Crow. I believe they will take the projectable left-hander. If Brian can find success in the minors as the scouts predict, Baltimore fans will not have to miss Eric Bedard for too much longer.

5. San Francisco Giants – SS Gordon Beckham (Georgia Univ.)

1B Justin Smoak does make a lot of sense for the Giants, but Beckham has had some serious helium coming into the draft. With Omar getting up there in years and about done with his career, I think the Giants are going to go a little under the radar and take a player that can solidify a weak position in their system. I know “drafting by need” is not a sound strategy, but it makes sense for San Francisco.

6. Florida Marlins – C Buster Posey (Florida State Univ.)

Buster could easily go #1, but I see him being the best fit for the Florida Marlins. The young man is considered almost major league ready. The Marlins will spend a little money to get a premiere catcher this year. If Florida does not wish to shell out the cash, however, they could also go the high school route with C Kyle Skipworth.

7. Cincinnati Reds – RHP Aaron Crow (Univ. of Missouri)

Cincy has been reportedly scouting some college sluggers pretty extensively, but with Crow falling in their laps at #7, they will not be able to go elsewhere. Crow is perhaps the safest pitcher in the draft, as far as getting to the big leagues. He doesn’t have as much upsides, but Crow makes a lot of sense here.

8. Chicago White Sox – 1B Justin Smoak (Univ. of South Carolina)

The switch-hitting Smoak has been compared to Mark Teixeira of the Atlanta Braves. His bat is almost big league ready, and the White Sox will gobble up the fine-hitting first baseman with no qualms.

9. Washington Nationals – 1B Yonder Alonso (Univ. of Miami FL)

The Nationals lack polished bats in their farm system, so this selection makes a lot of sense. I don’t see Washington going pitching in the first round, nor do I see them going to high school route. Alonso could be ready for the bigs in just a couple years, and the Nats need a seasoned bat.

10. Houston Astros – LHP Dan Schlereth (Univ. of Arizona)

This is a big stretch for the Astros, but the biggest rumor of the week has been Schlereth going to Houston with this pick. The big lefty has a high strikeout rate, and he would not cost too much to sign at the #10 slot. I could obviously be very wrong with this choice, but I’m banking these rumors are true.

11. Texas Rangers – RHP/OF Aaron Hicks (Woodrow Wilson HS, Cali.)

Hicks provides the Rangers with a wealth of possibilities. He has an extremely live and strong arm on the mound, but the young man has all the tools to be an elite outfielder. If the Texas Rangers decide Hicks would be better off on the mound, expect him to fly off the board at #11.

12. Oakland Athletics – 3B/1B Brett Wallace (Arizona State Univ.)

Brett has been a prospect with a lot of helium in the past couple weeks. He’s been lighting it up in college, and Billy Beane loves this type of player. He can mash and has great plate discipline. The defense is a little questionable, but he could be much like Eric Chavez. A little more consistent with the bat though.

13. St. Louis Cardinals – LHP Christian Friedrich (Eastern Kentucky Univ.)

The Cards are notoriously tight-lipped about their draft strategy, so there has not been much information about their direction with the #13 pick. The team could go for the high-schooler Tim Melville with this slot, but I believe signability will scare them away. Friedrich has great poise on the mound and three average or plus pitches.

14. Minnesota Twins – 3B/C Brett Lawrie (Brookwood SS, B.C)

Brett’s time in the Dominican Republic has turned some heads and shot him up the draft boards. Minnesota needs some infield help, and the young man from Canada will be too much to resist. They are hoping he can play at least average defense, as his bat will take care of getting him to the big leagues.

15. Los Angeles Dodgers – RHP Tim Melville (Holt HS, MO)

The Dodgers love taking high school pitchers with high ceilings, and Melville fits their draft philosophy to a tee. RHP Ethan Martin makes a lot of sense at this spot as well. Tim has a good fastball and a plus curveball, and both are getting better every time he pitches. Melville is the most projectable high schooler in the draft, and LA will snatch him up.

16. Milwaukee BrewersRHP Shooter Hunt (Tulane Univ.)

I must admit that I’m going out on a limb here a bit. Some scouts believe the young man could be the best pitcher available in this draft, but I have not heard Milwaukee and Hunt connected at all in this draft. If Hunt is here at #16, the Brewers will get a steal, in my opinion. One of the hottest rumors today is Milwaukee taking RHP Ethan Martin, a high school prospect from Georgia. I don’t see another high school pitcher coming to the Midwest, however. RHP Joshua Fields, C Jason Castro, and SS Anthony Hewitt are possibilities here too. If Brett Lawrie is available for Milwaukee, I feel he’s the prospect Jack Zduriencik is coveting.

17. Toronto Blue Jays – C Kyle Skipworth (Patriot HS, Cali.)

Kyle will most likely go before this slot, but I feel his draft stock has been hyped a little too much. I may be utterly wrong in projecting Kyle going at #17. If he does fall, Toronto will have an absolute steal on their hands here. Signability may also be an issue with Kyle.

18. New York Mets – RHP Ethan Martin (Stevens County HS, GA)

The New York Mets really like 2B Jemile Weeks as well. They do pick at #22 again, so they may bank on Jemile being available in a few more picks. Ethan could go as high as #11 to the Texas Rangers, but his skills are still extremely raw. The Mets need to restock their system with some high-ceiling prospects, and Martin fits that mold. Lately, he has been regarded as perhaps the best high school pitcher available. The Mets will take a chance that Weeks will still be there at #22 and scoop up a highly-regarded high school pitcher.

19. Chicago CubsSS/RHP Casey Kelly (Sarsota HS, Fl.)

Signability is a huge problem with Casey. He’s a two sport star with a scholarship to the University of Tennessee, and it will take a lot to get him to give that up. The Cubs have deep pockets, however, and they will pay premium dollar to get Kelly in their farm system.

20. Seattle Mariners – RHP Andrew Cashner (Texas Christian Univ.)

The Mariners have been linked to Cashner for a few weeks now. Cashner has been popping 98 mph on the gun lately, but his control has been a concern. Seattle will take the young closer and push him through their system in a hurry. C Jason Castro could be an option here as well.

21. Detroit Tigers – C Jason Castro (Stanford Univ.)

Jason is a very polished catcher and has been connected with Milwaukee at #16. The Tigers are woefully thin behind the dish in their farm system, and they will look to push Castro through their system in a hurry. That should be just fine, as the young backstop can hit well and has the defensive skills to be a big league catcher.

22. New York Mets – 2B Jemile Weeks (Univ. of Miami FL)

The Mets get their wish, as Weeks falls to them with the #22 pick. Weeks can put a lot of pressure on the defense with his speed, and he has a nice line drive stroke at the plate. The young man has lots of room to get stronger and will need to if he wants to be productive as a professional.

23. San Diego Padres – RHP Ryan Perry (Univ. of Arizona)

OF Zach Collier or SS Anthony Hewitt would normally go here, but the Padres usually do not draft young, raw, toolsy players. They prefer more polished players that can fly through the system. Ryan Perry gives them that type of player, even if he will never be a dominate starting pitcher for San Diego. I’ve also heard rumors that SS Reese Havens could go here, but that seems like a stretch.

24. Philadelphia Phillies – OF Zach Collier (Chino Hills HS, Cali.)

Unlike the Padres, the Philadelphia Phillies absolutely love young and toolsy players. Collier is the best outfield prospect in this draft, and the Phillies will gladly take him with the #24 pick. SS Anthony Hewitt is an option here as well.

25. Colorado Rockies – RHP Jake Odorizzi (Highland HS, Ill.)

The Rockies are known to love Odorizzi, and they will not hesitate to snatch him up in the first round. I’ve heard that the Rockies believe that he is the best pitcher in the entire draft. That may be a bit of a stretch, but he has been one of those “helium prospects” in the past couple weeks.

26. Arizona Diamondbacks – SS Anthony Hewitt (The Salisberry School, Conn.)

The Arizona Diamondbacks have plenty of pitching in their farm system, so the D’backs choose the toolsy Hewitt. The young man has the tools to be a Miguel Tejada type of player, but most project a move to the outfield to be most likely. I really like this pick for the D’backs, and he could turn out to be a steal at #26.

27. Minnesota Twins – 3B Connor Gillespie (Wichita State Univ.)

Connor Gillespie is a doubles hitter who hits for an extremely high average. The Twins selected Lawrie earlier in the draft, and the two pure hitters will give the farm system some wonderful bats for the coming years. RHP Joshua Fields could be an option here, but Minnesota needs some offense down on the farm.

28. New York Yankees – RHP Gerrit Cole (Lutheran HS, Cali.)

Cole’s price tag has scared many teams away thus far, but the New York Yankees have the deep pockets to get Cole to become a professional. Some are very concerned about Gerrit’s mechanics, but the 96 mph fastball will help qualm the doubters. The Yankees need to get some high-ceiling pitching into their system, and Cole would be a great fit.

29. Cleveland Indians – RHP Joshua Fields (Univ. of Georgia)

The closer from Georgia certainly may not this fall, but he could be a great fit for the Indians. They don’t seem to have any sure-fire answers for the closer’s job, and Josh’s great curveball will get him to the big leagues in a hurry. The Indians do not necessarily believe in taking relievers in the first round, but I expect them to change their philosophy this year.

30. Boston Red Sox – SS Reese Havens (Univ. of South Carolina)

Boston are well-known for taking a relatively save player with their first round pick, and I don’t expect that to change this season. Havens has borderline first-round ability, but the Red Sox are known to love the young man. He could fit into their farm system nicely. RHP Tanner Scheppers and 1B/OF Ike Davis could be possibilities as well.



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