Round ’em Up: Tuesday

3 06 2008

If you haven’t heard or haven’t read a little further down on the blog, Bill Hall no longer wants to be in Milwaukee.  He wants to play everyday somewhere.  What does the blogosphere have to say about the subject?  I’m so glad you asked.

  • The Brew Town Beat suggests a trade with the Chicago White Sox for Joe Crede.  I’m not so sure that’s the direction the Brewers want to go in July.  The thought does hold some credence, however, as Crede to Milwaukee was a hot rumor all winter.  I just don’t believe it makes sense for Milwaukee anymore.
  • Dexter Sports wonders if Tampa Bay and Milwaukee could hook up again for a trade.  The Rays certainly have a wealth of pitching they could move, so it makes sense on that level.  They are also in desperate need of a shortstop with some pop.  Jason Bartlett has been horrendous for Tampa, so Hall could make a lot of sense there.  Who would Milwaukee get from Tampa?  Could they package Hall and a couple of prospects together to get Jeff Niemann?  I’m not sure Gwynn and Hall would be enough.
  • Between the Green Pillars thinks Doug Melvin shouldn’t be so quick to trade Hall.  There is no use making a bad trade.  I completely agree with that sentiment.  I do not think anyone believes Melvin will rush to get a deal done simply because of the comments Hall’s agent made.
  • In one of the most interesting coincidences of the day, I was browsing through the trade rumors on (insider only, unfortunately).  Just under Hall’s name, there is a post saying that the Los Angeles Dodgers are reportedly very close to acquiring a veteran infielder to help bridge the gap until Rafael Furcal can get back on the diamond.  The Dodgers did like Hall during the winter…

Enough about the Bill Hall soap opera.  Here’s some other news.

  • Jim Powell has his interview up with Salomon Torres after yesterday’s game.  I was unable to watch last night’s game, but I understand he pulled quite the Houdini trick in the ninth inning.  It’s interesting that Salomon has worked a scoreless inning in Milwaukee and in Washington in the past week and a half when the defense committed two errors in both innings.  Eric Gagne couldn’t stop runs from crossing the plate even without the defense making errors behind him.
  • LHP David Welch from Double-A Huntsville threw a no-hitter in a seven inning game last night.  The best part is that he accomplished this on his birthday.  Read about it here.
  • Brew Crew Pub wonders where the Brewers will go in the first couple rounds of the draft.  I agree that the Brewers need to get a couple collegiate arms in the system on Thursday, but I’m beginning to second guess my theory that Milwaukee will go with a pitcher in the first round.  The more I analyze the picks, the less certain I am that there will be an arm worth taking with the #16 pick.  SS Anthony Hewitt is really growing on me.  The problem is that Milwaukee would have to convince him to give up his scholarship and go to the pros.
  • John Sickels from Minor League Ball is one of the foremost experts on the minor leagues.  He has his mock draft up through the Supplemental Round.  In the first round, he has Milwaukee selecting RHP Joshua Fields.  This wouldn’t be a terrible move.  He could potentially be in a Brewers uniform as early as next season.  With the majority of the bullpen signed to only a one-year deal, that could be the way to go.  In the Supplemental Round, Sickels stuck with pitching for the Brewers.  If the Crew takes Lawrie or Hewitt in the first round, expect a run of pitchers to be selected shortly afterwards.



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