Round ’em Up: Monday

2 06 2008

(Insert witty comment here) Let’s get rolling:

  • I missed this article yesterday because I was hastily trying to write a post for you all, but here it is for your reading pleasure.  Beyond the Boxscore berated Ned Yost for letting Ben Sheets go for 122 pitches against the Astros last weekend.  I honestly was surprised that Ben came out for the ninth, but all seemed well until the 11-pitch at-bat for Lance Berkman.  We can criticize Ned’s decision all we want, but at some level, the manager has to trust his pitcher.  If Benny said he could go the ninth inning (which he obviously did), Ned should trust him.  None of Ben’s injuries have been because of a stressful workload.  They have been freak injuries.  People are blowing this situation out of proportion.
  • Brew Crew Pub has a recap of the Astros-Brewers series and a preview for the series against the D’Backs.  It says that Brewers fans will get to know Connor Jackson this week.  Connor has been fantastic this year, but the Brewers will be dodging a bullet this week.  The slugging first baseman is going to be shut down for the next few days with a right quad injury.
  • This story has very little merit, but someone on Brew Crew Ball wrote that the Brewers should trade Matt LaPorta for Brian Fuentes from the Colorado Rockies.  First of all, it would take more than LaPorta to get Fuentes out of Denver.  Secondly, why?  The bullpen has been very solid of late, and Salomon Torres looks very comfortable in the closer’s role.  Why would we trade strength in the farm system for a rental play that is relatively unneeded?  Blogging is great, but comments like this are frustrating to read.
  • Tom Haudricourt has a piece about the upcoming draft and how the Brewers are going to approach the draft.  I’m very glad to hear that Doug Melvin is not interested in taking fliers just because the team has more picks this year.  I would like to see the Brewers take some polished players early in the draft, but it seems more likely that the team will take a high schooler in the first round.  I’m going to have my first round projections in the coming days.
  • One of the names surrounding the Brewers’ camp is Canadian prospect, Brett Lawrie.  He’s widely regarded to have the most major league ready bat of the high school players.  His position on the field is a bit up in the air, but he’s shown he can hit against high competition.  The Baseball Analysts have an interview with Brett.  The young man was just down in the Dominican Republic playing against professional summer league teams affiliated with the majors.  How’d Brett do?  Try a .486 BA with 3 HR.  Not bad.
  • The Nashville Sounds wants you to get to know Brad Nelson.
  • MiLB has a look back on the happenings in the minors in the month of May.  Darren Ford and his five stolen bases in one game are mentioned.
  • 3B Taylor Green and OF Darren Ford will represent the Brevard County Manatees in the FSL All-Star game.  Green definitely deserves the trip, but Darren Ford?  Besides his blazing speed on the base paths, he’s done almost nothing productive at the plate.



7 responses

2 06 2008
bernie carbo

Regarding the Brian Fuentes for Matt La Porta trade, I don’t think it’s that crazy but I’d be shocked if the Brewers would even consider this trade and equally as shocked if the Rockies didn’t at least consider it.

In my humble opinion, I think Brian Fuentes is a situational reliever who became a closer because he was in the right place at the right time. With that in mind, there is no value trading a prospect like LaPorta for Fuentes.

And anyway, like you mentioned in the Monday round up, the Brewers bullpen has been excellent this year. As we’ve discussed on this site, what the Brewers need is baserunners and decent starting pitching. And we’re getting some during this home stand. I am not objective, but I think it will continue.

2 06 2008

LaPorta and perhaps a Gwynn and Hall is grounds for maybe picking up a #2 starter but not a bullpen arm as you and bernie have already suggested. That’s about the only thing I’d be willing to go for with our top prospect involved. It really doesn’t sacrifice the future for one year because you make sure you get a guy who will come back for at least a year or two more. Then you start exploring what to do with that OF spot because we are not paying Cameron $10 mil next season.

2 06 2008

Because we are not going to keep Cameron for next year, we should not trade Gwynn and LaPorta, I love Gabe Kapler, but he is not going to be a starting center fielder next year, why not try to give the job to Gwynn next year.

2 06 2008

I find that idea plausible, but for some reason the Brewers’ organization does not. I don’t know what Ned and Doug have on Gwynn, but it’s not the best situation. I wanted to spend the $4 mil we gave Cameron and invested it in a long term fix in the starting rotation, while giving Gwynn a shot in CF. It didn’t work out that way though. I think LaPorta with Hall or a Brad Nelson even could net something decent in return.

3 06 2008
Nick D

Correction: Lawrie hit 8 home runs with 24 RBI in 8 games in the Dominican Republic. 5 HR against Seattle Mariners team in a doubleheader!

3 06 2008
Jim Breen

Thanks for the correction Nick! I did not see that. Impressive.

13 08 2008
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