Round ’em Up: Sunday

1 06 2008

UPDATE 06-01-08 1:15pm – I apologize for skimping a bit this morning, but I was really busy.  There’s not too much written on the Brewers anyway.  It’s funny how much nice weather affects people’s ability to post regularly.  Don’t worry.  That won’t happen here!!!

I have another article for you.  Jayson Stark from has his Rumblings and Grumblings page up.  He says that the Milwaukee Brewers should be worried because very few teams have made the playoffs after being under .500 on June 1st.

Good thing the Brewers aren’t under .500 today.  They are right at the .500 mark.  I’m going to tell myself that Jayson’s point becomes moot because of that fact.  Psychologically, a 28-28 mark feels much better than a 27-29 or even 28-29 mark.  Let’s hope the Brewers can stay above the meridian today.

Jayson also says that Eric Gagne and Guillermo Mota may be available for the right price.  I highly doubt any team would want Gagne after his start, and the Brewers will not eat any of his contract.  Gagne will not be going anywhere.

Mota, on the other hand, could be moved theoretically.  Realistically, the right-hander has been a vital part of the Brewers bullpen, and he will stay in Milwaukee as long as the team stands a fighting chance.  He’s thrown the ball extremely well this season.


Ben Sheets pitched another gem last night at Miller Park. Russell Branyan hit a home run that hasn’t quite come down yet. I think they accidentally measured Branyan’s home run in yards, so his homer was actually 1395′. Okay, maybe not. It was a bomb though.

Anyway, the Round ’em Up is going to be short and sweet today. Here’s what I have for you:

  • Ned Yost is emptying the bench today in the series finale against the Houston Astros. That is, except Bill Hall. Billy’s still getting to warm the bench as Russell Branyan starts against the right-hander Shawn Chacon.
  • Jim Powell is wondering if the 2008 Milwaukee Brewers have arrived. Let’s see them take a difficult road series first. Then we’ll see.
  • The Junkball Blues takes a look at Ben Sheets and what it will take to re-sign him.
  • Take a look at the mock draft for the Milwaukee Brewers at Minor League Ball. I don’t think the person in charge of the Brewers is all too smart. There is no way the Crew will take so many high-risk high school players.
  • Dugout Central says that the Cubs are overusing Ryan Dempster and Carlos Zambrano. Dempster is a concern, as he’s been a closer for the past few years. He’s not used to this much strain on his arm.



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