Round ’em Up: Thursday

29 05 2008

Well wasn’t that a fun game last night!  The strike zone was a bit obnoxious and sporadic, which accounted for the plethora of strikeouts, but both Jo-Jo Reyes and Jeff Suppan threw superb games last night.  Both were on the corners, changing speeds, and keeping the hitters off-balance.  I always love a good pitcher’s duel, so I very much enjoyed last evening’s game.  Great win boys.

  • Someone that will not be helping the team any time soon is David Riske.  He is eligible to come off the DL on Friday, but he will not be ready.  The team says there is no structural damage in his elbow.  There is still discomfort, however.  Needless to say, David Riske will not be pitching in a major league game for a little while.
  • Adam McCalvy thought it was necessary to point out that Salomon Torres is the top guy in the “closer by committee” schema.  Really?  I couldn’t figure that out after seeing Torres in the game four out of the last five games in the ninth inning.  I suppose I’m also posting the story here…but that’s more because I find it ridiculous the story was written in the first place.
  • The Milwaukee JS gives some compelling evidence as to why Ned Yost shouldn’t be fired if the team still has a chance to make the playoffs.  I’m not sure I completely agree in this case, but it’s very hard to argue with cold statistics.
  • Here’s an interview Mike Cameron did with Sports Illustrated.
  • The Baseball Analysts examine some of the top picks of last year’s draft, including Matt LaPorta.  They make the very astute (and correct, I believe) observation that Prince Fielder may not have his own long-term contract because LaPorta is waiting in the wings.
  •’s Jonathan Mayo believes that the Brewers will take high school shortstop Anthony Hewitt with their first pick in the 2008 draft.  I’m having a tough time seeing the Brewers go any other direction but pitching with their first pick…especially if Joshua Fields is there.
  • RHP Omar Aguilar has been absolutely dominant thus far in 2008, sporting a minuscule 0.35 ERA.  Omar was rewarded Tuesday night with a promotion to Double-A Huntsville, and he got off to a good start with two scoreless innings last night.  He didn’t allow a hit and struck out one.  Not a bad start.
  • RotoWorld wants you to know that C Angel Salome is pretty good.  He can hit.



2 responses

2 06 2008
James Scott

Baseball isn’t like football or basketball. The draft strategy is very different. Teams in baseball do not “DRAFT FOR NEED”… Hewitt is a pick for the future and that is what you do in baseball. The Brewers will have close to 30-something picks and they will have ample opportunity to draft pitching.
Also I agree with Melvin drafting a guy who is already limited to relief pitching seems like a waste of a pick in the top 20. If the Brewrers were picking 23rd or lower maybe picking a low ceiling prospect would make some sense.

18 07 2008
Weapons: Swords

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