Round ’em Up: Monday

26 05 2008

Wow.  Apparently, everyone has taken off from blogging on this beautiful Memorial Day.  Not me.  I will be off after posting this for you this morning, but I cannot leave everyone hanging this morning.  Plus, there is actually some news to report.

  • The Milwaukee Brewers are about to sign RHP Julian Tavarez to work out of the bullpen.  The injuries to David Riske and Eric Gagne have proven too much for the pen to handle.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Tavarez has had time as a starter.  With Jeff Weaver most likely departing for another team in a couple weeks, Melvin needed a replacement.  Tavarez is just that.  He’s not impressive, but he can be solid.  Perhaps a change of venue will do him some good.
  • Tom Haudricourt is reporting that former first-round pick RHP Mark Rogers is progressing extremely slowly down in extended Spring Training.  They are hoping something turns around in the coming weeks, otherwise another trip to the doctor will be in order.  I feel bad for the young man.  He simply cannot get healthy enough to prove anything to anyone.
  • Jim Powell has a new post, and he says that Doug Melvin, Gord Ash, and Mark Attanasio will be at today’s game.  It could be that it’s the holiday weekend, so they all have time off.  Or…it could be that Ned Yost could be on his way out if the Brewers struggle again.

That’s literally all I have for you today.  It was boring scouring the internet.  Enjoy your Memorial Day.  I know I will!



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