Round ’em Up: Saturday

24 05 2008

Yesterday, BrewersNation reader Aaron asked about Mat Gamel and his defense.  Mat is raking in Huntsville (see the boxscores below), but his defense is holding him back from the big leagues.  Last season, the third baseman put up 56 errors.  That’s a lot of errors.  Anyway, I got in contact with Brett Pollock, who is the play-by-play announcer for the Huntsville Stars.  He and I are currently working on an interview that will probably be up on Monday, but here’s a little bit on Gamel’s defense.

BrewersNation: Some of my readers are wondering how Mat Gamel’s defense has been progressing in Huntsville?  We know he can mash the ball, but how’s the defense coming?

Brett Pollock: Gamel has played real well at third base, better than most of us thought he would based on his error total from last season. The only real bad game he has had was in late April against Jacksonville when he made three errors.

He has made numerous outstanding plays going to his right on the backhand and has displayed a strong arm in those situations.  He still gets himself tangled up at times with footwork and could be a little more consistent going to his left but for the most part he has played well.

By comparison, he is ahead of Braun since he has always played the position, and has the ability and the makeup and desire to turn himself into a good defender.  He will not not make because he didn’t work hard enough..he realizes he has a good teacher in Don Money and is using him as a resource to make himself a better player at the position.

Stay tuned for the rest of the interview in the coming days.  Now…on to the Round ’em Up.  It’s going to be short and without commentary, unfortunately.  I apologize.

Minor League Transactions

Jason Shiell got called up to Nashville from Huntsville to help out the pen since Dillard, DiFelice, and Jackson left.

The big right-hander, Donovan Hand, got the call to transfer to Huntsville from Brevard County.  Congrats Donovan.  You definitely pitched your way up the ladder.  You deserve a shot.



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24 05 2008

Awesome man. Thanks.

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