Round ’em Up: Tuesday

20 05 2008

The Milwaukee Brewers are in Pittsburgh for the next three days and will try to take the series from the Pirates. You know the season isn’t going as planned when your team is looking up at the Pirates in the standings. It’s time to turn the ship around boys. Let’s take the series from Pittsburgh (where we’ve notoriously had problems playing) and get back on track.

  • Starting out the day…we have “The Firing That Wasn’t.” Yesterday, we had the whole Badger Blogger incident. What is surprising is that Tom Haudricourt is taking most of the blame for reporting on the subject. It probably did not help his cause that he bashed blogs in his post… Here’s a nice wrap-up of the story from Brew Crew Ball.The Yost Infection has a nice addendum to the story as well.
  • Tom Haudricourt wrote a piece today on JJ Hardy and his struggles at the plate. I know everyone questions themselves when in a slump, but JJ has a history of not having confidence in himself. After last season, he admitted to not believing in himself after slumping in the second half. Does this look much different? No. JJ needs to step it up mentally. The Brewers need his bat in the lineup.
  • The SportsBubbler has one of the best posts today. I have noticed this trend, but I have not taken the time to write about it. I’m glad someone finally has. . . The Milwaukee Brewers pitchers have very large problems finishing innings. I don’t know if it is a lack of killer instinct or what, but Brewers pitchers have had problems all season with two outs. It drives Brewers fans crazy. Give the article a look.
  • In-Between Hops has a nice little anecdote about the Brewers struggles on the road. I’m not sure how much truth there is in the story (and I think we’ve all learned to not trust “personal sources” like Badger Blogger), but Ned Yost is an awful manager if these stories are true.
  • View from Bernie’s Chalet has a shake-up for the batting order. It’s a fine idea, but I would put some tweaks in it. I would still have Rickie Weeks lead off. His OBP is still high (higher than Ryan Braun’s in fact), and he scores runs. I would bat Jason Kendall second. I know everyone is concerned about his double-play tendencies, but his OBP is high enough to dismiss that. That would shove JJ Hardy and Mike Cameron down in the order.Also, I do not understand why everyone is upset about Mike Cameron. Did you think we were getting a .300 hitter who was never going to strike out? Obviously not. He averages about 20 home runs and a .240 average per year. He looks to be on that pace now. He’s just in a lull.
  • How about a preview of the Brewers-Pirates series? Okay. There you are.
  • The Brewers got released Abraham Nunez once receiving Callix Crabbe back from the San Diego Padres. It’s not much of a loss. Nunez was awful in Nashville anyway. Not “impressive…very, very, very impressive” like Ned Yost said during Spring Training. Abraham signed with the New York Mets yesterday.
  • Brew Crew Ball has post that attempts to look at who the Milwaukee Brewers will draft in the first round of the First Year Player Draft in a couple weeks. Most of the mock drafts the post looks at do not even include the Brewers in their projections, but it is a nice attempt to shed some light on the situation. I look forward to the draft in June, and I’ll cover it more extensively in the coming weeks.

Be sure to check back later in the day, as contributing author Dan Wiersema should have an in-depth article posted sometime today.  I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, so I’ll also be interested in what he has cooked up this week.



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