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19 05 2008

UPDATE 05-19-08 4:45pm – Tom Haudricourt just talked to Doug Melvin.  Doug has absolutely no problem with what Ryan Braun said yesterday following the 11-7 loss to Boston.  In fact, he went so far as to say that he saw the same thing in the dugout.  The team has lost its swagger, he said.

Melvin and owner Mark Attanasio both said that Ned Yost’s job is safe for right now.  They saw him over the weekend cheering his guys on.  Apparently, this makes Ned safe…the fact that he was a cheerleader.  Those cheers weren’t doing too well though.  Especially when the GM and the owner say that the players were returning to the dugout with their heads down, even though Ned was being a “cheerleader.”  I do not know about other Brewers fans, but I would much rather have a manager that can inspire his team than have one that tries but fails.  That could just be me.

But I doubt it.


The Brewers had a weekend they would love to forget after getting swept by the Boston Red Sox. Unfortunately, forgetting this series will not be easy to do. Playing against the reigning World Champions is a measuring stick for a ballclub, and Milwaukee proved they are not an elite team right now. Hell, they proved they are a downright awful team right now. The sole possession of last place in the NL Central is evidence for that.

  • After being swept by the Red Sox, Ryan Braun addressed the media. He says that the team did not expect to win any of the games this weekend, and the attitude needs to change immediately. After signing a long-term contract, it seems Ryan is ready to assume the leadership role in the clubhouse. If this lack of confidence is the case, the team is going to struggle for more than just this road trip.Between the Green Pillars does not like how Ryan went about calling out his teammates. It needed to be done, that is for certain, but it did not need to be done publicly. Braun should have addressed his teammates in the clubhouse, Ryan Topp believes. I disagree. Do you think addressing the team in the clubhouse would have had the same effect? Perhaps he did it before yesterday’s game, and it didn’t help the outcome? I would not jump to conclusions here. Ned Yost never came out to defend his players after the comments Ryan made. The guys need to man-up and play ball like they are capable of…otherwise there may some Brewers switching teams mid-season.
  • I do not want to post this, but an obscure blog (Badger Blogger) is reporting that Ned Yost will be relieved of his duties as manager today. I’m reluctant to post this, as the author is most likely just looking for hits on his/her site. The story most likely has no credibility. Still, I’ll give credit where credit is due if this turns out to be correct.Tom Haudricourt replies that a team source says Ned will not be relieved of his duties today. There is a problem, however. Both reports claim an unidentified “team source” relayed this news. Tom H is presumably much more credible than Badger Blogger, but who knows? Badger Blogger rarely writes on sports-related topics, so perhaps it does have an inside scoop. Seems like a lot of wishful thinking on both parts.
  • In-Between Hops notes that teams generally have a positive emotional response for a new skipper, even if it is for a short amount of time. Perhaps the team should make a change to light a fire under the young Brewers players. This season is in serious danger right now. Something needs to be done.
  • Bucs Dugout wants to know why the Brewers are not hitting. I want to know that too. Maybe one of the Pirates fans can figure it out. I surely cannot…
  • Al’s Ramblings has a lot of stats on the Milwaukee Brewers after the first quarter of the season. Be sure to check this out. It has tons of good stats. Here’s a short synopsis: the offense is terrible, the starters have not been as bad as I previously thought, and the bullpen is struggling more than I thought. In short, there are problems in Brew-Town.
  • The Huntsville Times has a nice article on LHP Steve Hammond. Steve has quickly become a favorite of mine down in Double-A, and the article chronicles his ups and downs from last season. It’s good to hear that a guy has learned something valuable after dropping into a slump. The young man has a special arm, and I expect to see him in Nashville soon. If he keeps up his stellar pitching, that is.

Minor League Transactions

LHP Sam Narron has been called-up from Double-A Huntsville to Triple-A Nashville, and former first-round pick RHP Mike Jones has been transferred from Class-A Brevard County to Double-AA Huntsville. Congrats to both!




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19 05 2008

I abolsutely think it was the right call for Braun to speak out (again). I wrote in my game wrap yesterday that someone has to do it. Whether or not it was his place (as a 2nd year player maybe… maybe not) it not really all that important.

At this point all of these Brewers should be upset at how this season has gone. There is no one, no one that ever imagined that after a quarter of the season, this team, with all of its talent (and I don’t care about who is injured) should be in the basement of the NL Central. First place… that’s debatable, but not last place.

Frankly, I’m getting tired of hearing excuses from players and managers. Braun’s comments show that he is a) tired of the team’s performance and b0 tired of his manager’s performance because these guys CAN hit and then CAN pitch, and they CAN play defense. What does that leave the Brewers? Poor leadership that has made too many excuses and hasn’t kicked enough ass.

19 05 2008

Given the update by Jim… it sounds like Yost’s job is “safe” but not for long. Melvin supporting Braun and his choice of words isn’t really sticking his neck out for the manager. PS. that’s me above too.

19 05 2008
Jim Breen

Yost will be on a very, very short leash indeed.

19 05 2008

I wish the Brewers would just fire Ned. They would get a new manager, jumpstart the team emotionally, and save money in the process. Don’t forget that the Brewers wouldn’t pay Simmons nearly as much as Ned is being paid. A little money saved goes a long way!

13 08 2008
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