Round ’em Up: Saturday

17 05 2008

The Brewers interleague opener against the Boston Red Sox got postponed due to rain last night.  The teams will play two today, with the first game starting at 2:55pm CT on FOX.

  • Tom Haudricourt has a breakdown of the contract Ryan Braun signed a couple days ago.  It looks a little something like this:
    2008: $455,000 plus $2.3 million signing bonus
    2009: $745,000
    2010: $1 million
    2011: $4 million
    2012: $6 million
    2013: $8.5 million
    2014: $10 million
    2015: $12 million

    If Braun becomes eligible for salary arbitration after 2009 as a “Super 2” player, these salaries change:

    2010: $3.5 million
    2011: $5.5 million
    2012: $7.5 million
    2013: $9 million

    That doesn’t look too shabby, does it?  It is an extremely team-friendly deal, a type of deal you can only work out if a player is not near arbitration-eligibility (see Prince Fielder).  MLB Trade Rumors loves the deal for the Milwaukee Brewers and says that Braun will be extremely inexpensive in his prime compared to what the market-value would be.  Nice work Doug Melvin.

  • The Brewers reacquired 2B Callix Crabbe from the San Diego Padres yesterday.  The Padres did not keep Callix on the big league roster after he struggled to start the season.  That left San Diego with the choices of sending Crabbe back to Milwaukee or working out some type of trade.  Obviously, the Padres chose the latter.  Callix will greatly help the infield depth in Triple-A.
  • How many people have been complaining about Rickie Weeks this season?  I have been less than pleased, but I am certainly not calling for his head at second.  Today, Ned Yost declared that Rickie will not be moved from the lead-off spot in the order just because fans are displeased.  I applaud that decision…not so much because Ned is sticking up for his player, but because the team has no one to replace him at the lead-off spot.
  • SportsBubbler has a series preview for the Brewers-Red Sox series that will take place in the next two days.  I hope the Brewers can come out and impress on the big stage this weekend.
  • The Florida Today has a nice article on the return of Jeremy Jeffress to the mound in Brevard County.  I predicted before his return that he would struggle with his command because he would be so amped up, and it proved to be true.  He walked four batters in two and two thirds innings, but Jeremy did strike out five batters as well.  I liked the fact that Jeremy admits going to the rehab clinic was good for him.  Don’t be ashamed, young man.  Get your life together and pitch like you know how.  You have a special arm.
  • Between the Green Pillars takes a look at “the one that got away” during the off-season.  That is, what if the Brewers signed Troy Percival instead of Eric Gagne?  Throughout the winter, I truly hoped the Brewers would win out in the Percival sweepstakes, but it was not meant to be.  Hindsight is 20/20 though, so I do not criticize Doug Melvin for either of the moves.
  • The Brew Town Beat is calling for something that we here at BrewersNation have been screaming about for about a week and a half now.  Call Russell Branyan up already!!!  Last night, Russell clobbered three home runs for the Sounds and knocked in 6 RBI.  With Bill Hall scuffling against righties, the move makes a lot of sense right now.
  • Minor League Ball has John Sickels’ draft rankings up for the 2008 draft.  Most of you reading this most likely have no idea who any of these pitchers are, but it is still interesting to look at.  The blog In-Between Hops has a post that says Baseball America predicts the Milwaukee Brewers to take RHP Joshua Fields, as he will not need much polishing in the minors before making an impact in the Brewers bullpen.  I think the Brewers will take either Fields or LHP Christian Friedrich.  We’ll have to see though.
  • Baseball Musings takes a look at the run differential between the AL and the NL once the DH comes into play.  The AL has a significant advantage when the pitcher does not have to bat.  David Pinto believes this is because the benches in the NL are weaker.  I disagree.  The NL does not have to worry about signing a DH-type player.  A team would rather spend money on a reliever or starter than drop a couple million on someone who cannot field.  What good would a player like Jim Thome or Frank Thomas be in Milwaukee?  Pretty useless.
  • Cardinals former closer, Jason Isringhausen, is now on the DL because of a lacerated hand after punching a TV earlier in the week.  Probably not a good idea, Jason…



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17 05 2008

That Braun deal is looking better every day. I must be one of the few that agree with the sentiments written here…the Brewers are better off not signing Prince Fielder to a long-term deal.

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