Stetter walks his way out of Milwaukee

16 05 2008

Well, here’s a move I did not see coming.

Mitch Stetter got sent down to Triple-A Nashville today.  His demotion can be blamed on his wildness.  After walking the bases loaded against the Los Angeles Dodgers yestarday, Doug Melvin and the Brewers called up left-hander Zach Jackson to be the second lefty out of the pen.

Jackson got shelled as a starter in Nashville, but has been much more effective in the ‘pen.  It is an intriguing move for Milwaukee.  Stetter showed some great stuff, but two bad outings in a row cost him his big league gig.  Mitch will be back up in Milwaukee again.

So, Doug has shown that he’s not afraid to demote people who have been struggling.  I like that in a GM.  It will be interesting to see what Doug has up his sleeve in the upcoming weeks.  I just hope he does not try to appease Brewers fans by mortgaging the future for a couple more wins this season.  Milwaukee needs a perennial contender…not just a one-and-done team.




One response

16 05 2008

I agree- I think it’s important for him to be able to make these tough decisions and not be afraid to send ’em down when it’s not working, but on the other hand you don’t want him to just send ’em down to placate angry fans…Hopefully Melvin finds that balance.

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