Another blown save leads to Brewers loss

14 05 2008

I called for Eric Gagne’s head in the closer’s role.  I wanted Guillermo Mota to get a shot in the ninth inning.  He deserved a shot with the way he’s pitched this year.  Guillermo got the ball in the ninth tonight.  It did not go as planned, however.

Mota got too much of the plate with his fastball the whole inning, and he could not get the ball down to save his life.  A ball right down the middle of the plate to Andre Either and a belt-high fastball to Juan Pierre cost the Brewers the game tonight.  Guillermo got his chance.  He simply did not make the most of it.  It’s safe to say Gagne will be getting the ball again.

I suppose it is not correct to say Guillermo Mota cost the Brewers the game tonight.  The Brewers gave up the momentum in the seventh inning.  Manny Parra pitched his best game of the season to date, and the defense let him down in the top of the inning.  Prince Fielder made an error on a simple ground ball to first that cost the Brewers a run.  The Crew should have been out of the inning right there.  Instead, Juan Pierre got an at-bat.

Parra made a great pitch and got Pierre to get hardly any wood on it.  Instead of being an easy out, Ryan Braun had to make a diving play at the ball.  He had it in his glove on the way down, but the impact of his fall caused the ball to bounce out.  Another run scored.  After seven innings, it was 4-3 Brewers.  It should have been 4-1 Brewers.  Manny deserved a better fate tonight.

The Brewers offense was largely stagnant tonight, but they were able to put three runs on the board in the second inning.  Manny Parra delivered a bases-loaded single that scored two runs.  Jason Kendall followed up with a single of his own to make it 3-0.  After that, however, Milwaukee could not get much going besides a Corey Hart RBI-single.

If a tough loss were not bad enough, the Brewers may be without reliever David Riske for an extended period of time.  The team is calling it a hyper-extended right elbow right now.  I have a hunch that it could be something much more serious.  I am hoping that I do not hear the words “Tommy John” tomorrow at some point concerning Riske.  He will be examined by a team doctor tomorrow.

Records: Brewers (20-20); Dodgers (20-19)

Hero of the Game: Manny Parra

Manny pitched a solid game today.  He mixed speeds and his pitches very well, and I was very happy to see him save his curveball for the third time through the order.  His troubles in the fifth and sixth innings may be alleviated by saving a pitch until that time.  The lefty even helped himself at the plate today, knocking in two Brewers with a single in the second.  Manny gave the Brewers another quality start tonight, and he should have gotten the win.  The Brewers defense and Guillermo Mota owe the rookie one after tonight.

Goat of the Game: Guillermo Mota

Guillermo has been brilliant this entire year thus far.  He’s been mixing his pitches well.  The big righty deserved a shot closing the game out.  I felt he was too reliant on his fastball tonight, as he hardly threw anything other than fastballs after Blake DeWitt grounded out to start the inning.  His slider was non-existent tonight, and he may have only thrown one or two of them.  Like I said earlier, Mota could not keep his fastball down in the zone tonight.  That is what cost him.  It’s only one appearance, and he’s been stellar thus far….but this one is tough to swallow.

On Tap

Ben Sheets will take on Chad Billingsley in the rubber match tomorrow afternoon.  Game 3 will be at Miller Park, starting at 12:05pm CT.



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14 05 2008

Other Goats of the Game:
Bill Hall and Mike Cameron: Combined 0-8 with 6 K’s. A few hits (especially from our LEADOFF man) could have changed the game. So much for that experiment.

Ned Yost: After 6 IP with 1 ER, lets Parra hit in a bases loaded, 2 out situation. Now I know it could have happened the same way, but isn’t it more likely that a pinch hitter would pull through? Besides, Parra pitched 6 innings well, he’s known for giving up runs as he goes, I’m sure Riske wouldn’t have minded pitching the full 7th. No the runs we gave up weren’t Parra’s fault, but what if we got 2 from pinch hitting instead of giving them up? We would have been up 5 and given our bullpen a comfortable lead with 3 innings to go (and a few runs in the 9th wouldn’t have lost it).

14 05 2008

Agreed with Bill Hall and Mike Cameron.

Not so much with Ned Yost. Parra can swing the bat a little bit, so I was not too concerned about that. The bullpen needs rest, so Parra needed to go in for the seventh. And if we’re going to play the “what if” game…what if Mota didn’t blow it? The seventh wouldn’t have mattered. What if Parra hadn’t singled in the second and he grounded into a double play? Probably would have been a different game. Yes, the loss sucks, but it was not Ned Yost’s fault.

15 05 2008

Does Ned Yost watch the game? After he gave up two hits in the ninth, why not bring in Mitch Stetter to pitch to Pierre?


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