Round ’em Up: Monday

12 05 2008

The Milwaukee Brewers won one for the mothers in the stands yesterday.  Ryan Braun looked to have enjoyed using those pink bats.  Let’s hope they can pull out a series win today against the Cardinals!

  • For more on yesterday’s win, here’s the Milwaukee JS article.
  • Yovani Gallardo will have surgery tomorrow morning.  The team sought second and third opinions on the injury.  Apparently, the team wanted Yo to avoid having the surgery if possible.  That would have been foolish on the team’s part, in my opinion.  You do not take chances with your young ace.
  • Between the Green Pillars discusses the “dreaded Closer By Committee” now happening in Milwaukee.  Ryan seems to believe that the Brewers do not have someone that can consistently be the closer, as he wishes the team would acquire one elsewhere.  Give Guillermo Mota and David Riske a shot before we go giving players away for a closer.  Plus, there is not a quality closer available right now.  Huston Street is struggling, and the only other worthwhile closer would be George Sherrill in Baltimore.  Not impressed?  Me neither.
  • Al’s Ramblings notes that a starter has not been announced for Thursday’s game.  Perhaps this signifies that Seth McClung will get an opportunity to get a spot start for the Crew.  That would be interesting, even though it would not be my first choice.  It may be a long shot, but Thursday would also be near-regular rest for Mark DiFelice.  He’s put up a 3.91 ERA in Nashville thus far.
  • The Brew Town Beat has some suggestions for the Brewers offense.  They like my idea of a Bill Hall/Russell Branyan platoon.  They also suggest that Tony Gwynn Jr. should get more at bats in lieu of Mike Cameron.  Sure, Cameron has not lit the world on fire with his start for Milwaukee, but no one expected him to hit .300.  Mike is someone that can give you 20/20 stats, but will only hit about .240 with lots of strikeouts.  Those who thought Milwaukee was getting something else is either naive, or didn’t know much about Cameron as a player.
  • Also from The Brew Town Beat…they are wondering if Eric Gagne is tipping his pitches.  After Ned Yost’s cryptic comments the other day, I began to think the same thing.  Brew Town makes a very convincing argument.  If that is the case, Eric should be able to get back on track fairly easily.
  • In-Between Hops says that Prince Fielder is not performing as well because of his vegetarian diet.  Either that or he is trying to hit every pitch 500 feet.  I’m tired of the vegetarian talk.
  • Tom Haudricourt has a preview of the 2008 First Year Player Draft.  Actually, he does not really preview anyone the Crew might draft.  The article simply dwells on the fact that Milwaukee has many more picks early in the draft than usual.  That has been well-chronicled here.  I’d like to see some analysis of actual potential-draftees.
  • The Huntsville Times has an article on Matt LaPorta.  This just in: Matt LaPorta can hit very well.
  • MLB Trade Rumors notes that the Chicago Cubs are considering signing veteran centerfielder, Jim Edmonds.  He would replace Felix Pie in the lineup.  Personally, I hope they sign Edmonds.  He has hit .178/.265/.233 in 103 plate appearances.  That would be an improvement for them…



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12 05 2008
bernie carbo

I’m not sure what makes me laugh more…Ned Yost’s attempts to save his own ass with comments clearly suggesting he knows why Gagne is struggling or the people who believe him….Ned is a total liar to the media. He has to be one of the biggest you know whats when it comes to relating to the public….a real bummer of a guy…

He gets perverse satisfaction in thinking that he is keeping secrets from everybody….And the funny part is that he thinks we the fans and the media are awed by his genius..

Personally, I would hate to play baseball on Ned Yost’s team. He stands there at the dugout entrance with hios arms crossed and the look of death…It doesn’t look like much fun in teh Brewers dughouse…Actually, it looks like a bunch of kids scared by their father who they never talk to..

12 05 2008
bernie carbo

Oh yeh…and tipping what pitches? Gagne throws change-up…change up…change up…change up..and fast ball, but it’s not the same fastball he is used to throwing…, I’m not saying he can’t be a good closer one day even sooner than later….but he like Trevor Hoffman maybe can’t trick changeup with mediocre heat.

Anyone who believes Yost should probably believe that the Gagne meltdowns are part of a bigger plan to trick opponents into thinking Gagne is washed up……trick him into inflated confidence at the plate….let the Brewers into a sub 500 record and then BOOM! Gagne is back and Yost looks like a genius for detecting the tipping pitches strategy….I laugh forever remembering Gagne fanning his fogged goggles on opening day….I thought he was telling the outfielders to play shallower as if to say..”These Cubs can’t hit!!” That would out trash talked Zambrano.

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