Round ’em Up: Thursday

8 05 2008

Burke Badenhop shut down the Brewers.  That’s how bad we are right now.

  • In-Between Hops runs down many numbers about the Brewers.  Like, it has been 14 games since J.J. Hardy has hit a home run.  7 games since Prince Fielder has driven in a run.  Stats like that.  Give it a look!
  • Jim Powell has a little rundown of the game last night in Florida.  It’s not a pleasant read, just because I already know the outcome.
  • No Brewers starter other than Ben Sheets has won a game since April 5th.  That is pathetic.  Here are the stats, courtesy of The Brew Town Beat.
  • Ned Yost keeps track of how many relief appearances a pitcher has.  He does not want them to get overworked.  What a concept Ned!  You know…ESPN and sites like that also keep track of it for you.
  • Jim Powell has an audio interview with Corey Hart.
  • Ken Rosenthal says that the Milwaukee Brewers still have hope that their bats will turn around this season.  It’s nice that someone from outside the Brewers organization is saying that, but my faith is seriously being tested right now.  It’s a good thing I’m not like a Cubs fan and leave my team when they’re down.
  • Buster Olney from believes that the Brewers should consider trading Ben Sheets at the trade deadline to get some pitching talent for next season.  Agree, agree, agree!
  • Remember Mel Stocker from last September?  Here’s a nice article about how he’s trying to make it to the big leagues again against all odds because of his small stature.



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