Round ’em Up: Wednesday

7 05 2008

I don’t really have anything to say that hasn’t already been said, so let’s jump right into it.

  • One of the most refreshing pieces of the day comes from Anthony Witrado from the Milwaukee JS.  Like all Brewers fans, I am sick of hearing people say that it’s “early” and the bats will come around.  BrewersNation regular, Kyle, had a very astute post yesterday.  What if the Brewers are simply not a very good hitting team?  It looks like Witrado is also sick of excuses.  Ryan Braun even dropped a four-letter word to express his frustrations.  Of course, Ned is busy saying that everything is fine.  Really Ned?  You think getting two-hit by Scott Olsen is a good thing?  Best rethink that one.
  • In-Between Hops has a nice article that addresses Ned Yost.  Is his job safe this season?  If the Brewers keep scuffling in the coming weeks, I believe that Ned may be pushed out the door rather quickly.
  • Rickie Weeks is perhaps the most frustrating player on the team right now.  He is striking out a lot for a lead-off hitter.  At the same time, however, he’s also near the league lead in runs scored.  I agree with Ned Yost on this one.  Rickie is valuable at the top of the batting order, even if he is not getting on base as much as he should.  When he is getting on base, there is a pretty good chance that he will score.  In fact, I just did a quick calculation.  Rickie has been on base 44 times this season, and he has scored 28 runs.  That is a 64% conversion rate.  Not too shabby.
  • The Southern League named Matt LaPorta the Player of the Week for the second time this season.  Matt had a 1.802 OPS this week.  That’s so good, it almost doesn’t make sense.  He also hit his 10th home run of 2008 last night.
  • Dayn Perry says that Eric Gagne is one of the worst free agent signings of the winter.
  • Tom Haudricourt actually took the time to write an article that proves that the Brewers win more games when Prince Fielder plays well.  I personally could have told you that without writing an article about it.  That is like saying the Brewers score more runs than normal, they win more games.  Tom writes many, many great articles.  Unfortunately, he waisted his time writing this one.
  • Dugout Central has an article that runs down the best players that never made it to the 400-home run plateau.  Robin Yount and Paul Molitor made the list to represent the Milwaukee Brewers.  I appreciate that Molitor made the article.  He was a great player.
  • SportsBubbler has named Cole Gillespie the Brewers Prospect of the Week.  They admit that Mat Gamel and Matt LaPorta had better weeks, but they wanted to give someone else a little time in the sun.  Make sure you take a look at the numbers Mark DiFelice is putting up in Triple-A.  He may be someone the Brewers take a look at in the coming weeks.  That 25/0 K/BB rate is just nasty.
  • David Pinto wrote a very interesting article about a potential power shift from the AL to the NL starting this season.  The NL is outscoring the AL by quite a bit to start the season, and Pinto believes this stems from the youth movement gaining momentum in the NL.  The NL has consistently gotten younger in the past few years, and the AL has gotten older.  Pinto asserts that this trend could continue and mark a monumental power shift in Major League Baseball.



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