Brewing up another road loss

7 05 2008

The Brewers treated fans to a standard game this season.  The offense scuffles, and Dave Bush implodes in the sixth inning for a Milwaukee loss.

Dave rejoined the rotation today, and he gave us a “Dave Bush special” against the Fish.  The offense showed signs of life in the top of the sixth inning.  Rickie Weeks clobbered a 430ft+ home run to climb back to a one-run deficit.  The hitting continued with Mike Cameron socking an opposite field single to follow.  The Crew was unable to scrape together another run in the top of the sixth, but the offense began to awaken.

Bush then trots out onto the mound to keep the deficit at one.  The momentum had clearly swung into Milwaukee’s favor.  Dave simply needed to maintain that momentum by getting out of the inning unscathed.  Instead, the right-hander gives up a two-run bomb to Jorge Cantu and a solo shot to Dan Uggla.  I’m glad Dave Bush knows what maintaining momentum means for the team.

The offense was unable to muster up another run in the remainder of the game.  I am not implying that Dave Bush was the cause of our inept offensive attack tonight, but he certainly deflated the team in the bottom of the sixth when he increased Florida’s lead to four runs.

Also during the sixth inning, Bill Hall stepped up to the plate with a 3-2 count, two outs, and two men on base.  He battled nicely to get the count full after falling behind.  I felt a big hit was coming for the Crew.  Bill simply needed to get on base.  Someone forgot to tell Bill that.  Instead of taking ball four, which was a fastball in the dirt, Hall swung for the fences and stranded two runners.  Ryan Braun also swung out of his shoes during the sixth with two strikes against him.  Apparently, the whole “shorten up with two strikes” comment did not apply in this situation.

Yes, the offense is struggling.  Players are pressing.  They are trying to break out of the slump with one big swing.  Hall, Braun, and Prince Fielder are all trying to hit a home run with every swing.  They are not trying to take it to the opposite field.  Hall’s head is coming off the ball before the bat is even through the strike zone.  In short, the offense needs to settle down and pound out a few singles before the big flies come. 

Records:  Brewers (16-17); Marlins (19-14)

Hero of the Game:  Rickie Weeks

This is not because Rickie hit an absolute bomb in the top of the sixth inning.  He’s done that four other times this season.  What Rickie has not done consistently this season is stay back on the ball and deliver it to center field with power.  That changed today.  Rickie smoked a line drive to center field today.  It looked to be a double until Alfredo Amezaga made the second of his two great catches in the outfield.  Weeks appeared to be much more comfortable at the plate this evening than he has in a long time.  Perhaps this is a sign that he is about to break out of his slump?  See…I’m still trying to be optimistic…

Goat of the Game:  Dave Bush

Read my little rant above to find out.  Hint: the bottom of the sixth inning.

On Tap

Carlos Villanueva will try to get the Brewers off this five game losing streak tomorrow in the series finale against the Fish.  The Brewers will go up against Mark Hendrickson.  I just want a win.  Please….




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