Round ’em Up: Tuesday

6 05 2008

Good afternoon everyone.  Now I knew that my post yesterday about trading Prince Fielder was going to ruffle a few feathers, but I did not expect to get a nice profanity-laden reply.  Fans have this glorified picture of a Milwaukee Brewers that can pay Prince Fielder $15M+ per year and still field a competitive team around him.  We just do not have the payroll.  It sucks.  I would love to see Prince in a Brewers uniform for the next 10 years.  At some point, however, you have to realize that long-term contracts cripple small market teams.  Our farm system is how we got to where we are now.  It would be naive to believe that we can maintain this level of success and not replenish the system.  Anyway, I digress.  Here’s what I have for you today:

  • At the risk of sounding like a broken record…the Brewers offense neeeeeeds to get going!  Ned Yost and the players are trying to deflect the questions and say all the right things, but it is obvious that the team is frustrated.  It seems that the offense is very, very close to breaking out.  I’ve been saying that for about three weeks now though.  I do not even know what to believe anymore.
  • Doug Melvin says that Eric Gagne is not going to be moved from the closer spot just yet.  Gagne is not producing, but he has not been nearly as bad as everyone has made him out to be.  His stuff is a lot better now than it was at the beginning of the season.  We do not want another Derrick Turnbow here.  How about the fans give Eric some support?  Success follows confidence, after all.
  • Jerry Crasnick from believes that Milwaukee will not be able to overcome their pitching issues to win the division.
  • recaps April 2008 in the minor leagues.  Mat Gamel and Matt LaPorta are co-Players of the month, and Omar Aguilar is the pitcher of the month.  Omar Aguilar is nasty, in case you have not noticed.  The article also has a great round-table discussion about various newsworthy stories in the Brewers organization.
  • Dugout Central has the solution for the Milwaukee Brewers.  They should trade for Huston Street from the Oakland A’s.  The Brewers would have to give up Mat Gamel, Cole Gillespie, and Gabe Kapler to get the young closer.  The positive aspect of this trade is that Street still has two years of arbitration left before becoming a free agent.  He would thus not be a “rental player.”  I would not make this trade, however, as Street has battled arm injuries in the past year.  It’s probably not a good idea to get rid of your second best prospect for someone that has had injury problems.  Not to mention that Billy Beane would probably ask for more than Gamel, Gillespie, and Kapler.
  • Remember Nelson Cruz?  The Brewers traded him to Texas in the Carlos Lee deal a couple years back.  Nelson has become the quintessential AAAA player, one that mashes in Triple-A, but cannot find success in the bigs.  WIth that said, his numbers in 2008 down in Triple-A have been ridiculous.  He’s batting .375/.520/.781 with 11 home runs.  Those are video game numbers right there.



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15 08 2008
Right Field Bleachers » Blog Archive » In the News (5/6)

[…] – suggests the Brewers should trade for Oakland closer Huston Street. I’m not one to panic so I’d say to hold off on this for now, especially since if the Brewers don’t start winning games, they won’t be in the race at the end of the season, but if Milwaukee is in the race near the trade deadline, Gagne is still struggling and the team could get Street for Mat Gamel, Cole Gillespie and Gabe Kapler, they shouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. Street has been somewhat injury prone, but he is a stud closer and the Brewers would have two more seasons of him. Hat tip to BrewersNation for the link. […]

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