Olsen keeps Brewers bats quiet

6 05 2008

Scott Olsen silenced the Milwaukee Brewers tonight.  He was one strike shy of completing his first complete game shutout in over two seasons.  (Read: The Brewers offense stunk again.)

Watching the game, I did not believe that he threw the ball all that well today.  His fastball missed up in the zone, but the Brewers cut right through it.  His change-up was good though.  The big lefty will throw it on any count, and Milwaukee looked lost all night.

Jeff Suppan pitched okay, at best.  Trying to throw a lot of off-speed pitches to try to get the free-swinging Marlins to chase, his pitch count got high early in the game.  After five innings of work, Soup left the game with 108 pitches.  He only gave up three runs in those five innings, but the bullpen could have used another day off.  Instead, four relievers came in to finish off the game.

The good news is that the relievers threw the ball well.  David Riske and Mitch Stetter struck out two batters in an inning of work a piece.  It was particularly nice to see Riske bounce back after several tough outings in the past couple of weeks.  Remember that he struggled last season as well, when he posted a sub-3.00 ERA for the season.

I don’t know what to say about the Brewers offense anymore.  They looked utterly lost today at the plate.  The team as a whole is pressing far too hard right now, and bad pitches are being swung at with regularity.  Rickie Weeks is trying to be a power threat at the top of the line-up, and the team simply needs him to get on base.  Ryan Braun swings at every pitch two feet near the strike zone.  The only player that looked good at the plate tonight was Jason Kendall.  No, he did not get a hit, but Kendall did walk twice, equaling the amount of hits all day by the Crew.  These offensive struggles are beginning to appear to be more than a slump.  There is something severely wrong here.  What?  I do not know…

Records: Brewers (16-16); Marlins (18-14)

Hero of the Game: Jason Kendall

I am giving Kendall this award because he got on base more than any other Brewer today.  His two walks equaled the amount of hits total by the Crew in the entire game.  It is not a good thing that Jason is the hero of this evening’s game.  I just wanted to be clear on that point.

Goat of the Game: The entire offensive unit.

Someone needs to figure out what is going on here.  Someone needs to do it now.  I am tired of hearing that it is a slump and the team will break out of it soon.  I tried that optimism…and what did I get?  I got two measly hits for an entire game.  I am utterly befuddled right now.

On Tap

Dave Bush will enter the rotation again tomorrow night for Game 2 against the Florida Marlins.  He looks to jumpstart the Brewers and get them back to their winning ways against RHP Burke Badenhop.  The game will start at 6:10pm CT.




3 responses

7 05 2008

brutal game…brutal, brutal game…

7 05 2008

Problems with hitting? I keep saying the bats are going to turn around, but it just dawned on me, what if they don’t. Maybe almost every player had a career year last year… Braun could not possibly keep up his extremely high BABIP and maybe is a career .270 hitter, Fielder will not hit 50 HRs the rest of his career, and perhaps Weeks last few weeks was not any indication of how good he was, but how lucky he was, and his BA is not that far off of where he will be at the end of the season.

I am not saying this is true, but the more you watch this team, perhaps the implosion at the end of the year is closer to the team we are going to see this year, and the hot start was just a lot of luck. I hate being so cynical, but at what point do you say, this is not a good hitting team.

7 05 2008

Well put, Kyle.

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