Round ’em Up: Monday

5 05 2008

The Brewers lost a heartbreaker last night in Houston. Eric Gagne pitched better than his line suggested. The umps were awful, but they were awful to both teams. Houston got a couple terrible calls against them earlier in the game. Milwaukee’s bad calls just came at a more crucial part of the game. I’m beginning to get a little more pensive about the 2008 Milwaukee Brewers, and I’ll be working on a nice article in the upcoming days. For now, the Brewers have a much-needed day off. Here’s a Round ’em Up to keep you entertained.

  • The Brewer Nation spouts off about the game last night. Apparently, last night’s debacle is Ned Yost’s fault. I understand that many people, especially those writing at The Brewer Nation, do not like Ned even a little bit, but I fail to see why this loss can be blamed on Ned. People are just looking for someone to blame.Otherwise, I do agree with some of the article. Jim Cuzzi, last night’s home plate umpire, squeezed the strike zone for Eric Gagne in the bottom of the ninth. Even Rock mentioned it last night on the air, and he tends to stay neutral most of the time. Michael Bourn did get a couple of friendly calls, but they did not compare to the calls Lance Berkman got. I must admit that a couple of those ball calls were ridiculous. At the same time, ball four to Berkman was not even close.

    Geoff Blum was out at first base. The first base umpire flat missed it. I didn’t even need to see the slow-motion replay to call him out. That would have changed the complexion of the inning. Gagne actually got four outs that inning, and he threw way more strikes than he got granted. Overall, it was a tough loss. Gagne was throwing good pitches for the most part. Cuzzi did not reward him though.

  • Tom Haudricourt has a nice informational piece. Eric Gagne leads the major leagues in blown saves. Oh, really? Thanks. That really brightened my day.Gagne is improving. His velocity is increasing with every outing, and his change-up still bites hard. His control was a little off yesterday, but he is pitching well right now. Yost should not demote Gagne here. If he does, however, I see Guillermo Mota getting the ball. After Gagne’s first blown save, I did note that Mota had the best stuff to succeed Gagne as closer if he were to falter. My prognostication looks to be right on there. Not to toot my own horn or anything….
  • Jim Powell talks about the trip to Houston. Let me summarize it for you. Thank goodness we are getting out of town.
  • The New York Mets are internally discussing whether or not signing Derrick Turnbow would be a good decision. It looks like Doug will not be finding a trading partner for Derrick. Teams will wait until he is released.
  • I have more about Eric Gagne. Yes, I know you love it. Remember how during the off-season, Ned Yost claimed that Gagne’s struggles last season in Boston related to the fact that he was not in the closer’s role anymore? An article on Dugout Central takes a look as to whether that actually matters. In general, it seems that there is very little correlation, but who knows? It’s just something else to look at concerning the subject.
  • unveiled their new Power 50 a couple of days ago. Matt LaPorta has taken over the #1 spot on the prospect rankings, while Mat Gamel is nipping at his heels. Take a look at Josh Butler though, he debuts on the list at #14. It is most likely wishful thinking on the part of the ranker, but he certainly has a higher ceiling than most of the Brewers pitching prospects. He’s looked fairly good since coming to Brevard County.



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