Brewers will scour trade market for pitching

3 05 2008

I will be unable to get to a computer the entire day today, so I will not be able to write a Round ’em Up this morning.  I apologize.  Instead, I thought I would start a thread that would discuss our sudden need in the starting rotation.

Tom Haudricourt says that the Crew will keep an eye out for starting pitching on the trade market.  It makes no sense to make the move right now, as teams would make Milwaukee overpay significantly for a starter (remember the Scott Linebrink deal?).  That does not mean that Doug Melvin will not scour the trade market.

Do you think we even need to trade for a starting pitcher?  Will Dave Bush and Jeff Weaver be able to make up for the loss of Yovani Gallardo?  What if Ben Sheets gets injured?

I have a couple thoughts.  I do not want to trade for a starting pitcher if we do not have to.  The Brewers cannot overpay at the trade deadline for a rental player, like they did last season.  They have Jeff Weaver and Chris Narveson in the minors, and I believe they can do well enough to warrant not trading for someone.

If they do trade for someone, however, I would trade Mat Gamel or a prospect like that for a starting pitcher.  Mat is mashing in Double-A, but his defense is so bad that he may not fit anywhere but on an AL team.  He would most likely not be enough by himself, but the Crew cannot mortgage the future like they did last season.  We’ll see what they will do, but I hope they do not make a trade.  I suspect they will because Doug Melvin seems to be in an extreme win-now mode, but he will wait for the deal he wants.

What would you like to see happen?




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