Braun lifts Crew over Cubs

1 05 2008

The Brewers have been criticized for choking after the halfway point of the season.  People like Dayn Perry think that the Brewers will crumble again during the mid-season.

They just may do that this season again, but my money is that they will not.  Why?  This year’s Milwaukee Brewers were able to pick themselves up off the floor after yesterday’s shellacking and get the win in the top of the ninth inning off Kerry Wood.  The 2008 Milwaukee Brewers look to be much more resilient than the teams from years past.

In the top of the ninth, Wood plunked Craig CounsellGabe Kapler doubled to left, and it appeared that Alfonso Soriano could have gotten the ball if he would have kept running.  Instead, he stopped short of the warning track.  Jason Kendall then hit a well-placed grounder for an infield single to score Counsell.  Rickie Weeks walked, and Mike Cameron struck out.  Ryan Braun then whiffed badly at a slider that was nowhere near the strike zone.  He easily could have taken the next pitch to get his bearings.  Ryan Braun doesn’t do that.  Ryan took a 96 mph fastball and smacked it over Kosuke Fukudome‘s head to score Kapler and Kendall.

Eric Gagne came in and recorded his ninth save of the season.  Quite the win for your Milwaukee Brewers.  Let’s hope that the Crew can keep this momentum going for the rest of the road trip.

The Brewers did skirt disaster earlier in the game, however.  When trying to cover first base, Yovani Gallardo crumpled to the ground after his knee gave out on him.  He looked to have injured the same knee he had surgery on.  Yo went back out the next inning though.  Yost said that the fall scared Yo more than anything.  After the game, Yovani said that everything is fine.  Thank goodness.

Records: Brewers (16-12); Cubs (17-11)

Hero of the Game: Ryan Braun

Ryan went 3-5 in the game with a solo home run in the sixth inning off Carlos Zambrano.  The big blow came in the top of the ninth, however, when he lifted the game winning RBI double over Kosuke Fukudome.  Ryan is still a little over-aggressive at the plate, but he is beginning to find his stroke at the plate.  His average is now .287 and on the rise.  He is making defensive strides in left field as well.  The Brewers may be getting their NL Rookie of the Year back to form.  The offense could certainly use him.

Goat of the Game: Kerry Wood

I cannot help but give it to Kerry.  A tip of the hat to you, my friend.  Thanks for the victory.

On Tap

The Milwaukee Brewers will give the ball to Carlos Villanueva to battle Roy Oswalt tomorrow night at 7:05pm CT.  The Crew will continue their road trip with a three game series in Houston.  The bats in Houston are beginning to heat up.  Carlos looks to quiet them down tomorrow night.



5 responses

1 05 2008

Best game of the year!!! I love watching the Brewers coming back!

1 05 2008

I completely agree with that statement. Does anyone else think we could look back on this game as a turning point for the season?

2 05 2008

Last season the bats were hot early in games then tapered off in later innings so combacks were not out thing, but if the game like yesterday are any indication ( plus the loads of extra inning wins this year) this young team has matured enough to starting playing 9 inning games (and then some!) all season.

2 05 2008

Definately the best game of the year! Its great to see the team play well and really dig down and get the “W” when they’re playing a divisional foe… Especially the Cubs!

6 05 2008

It’s funny reading these old comments, the game very well be determined as the “turning point” of the year, as it marked when we lost Gallardo for the season… even in what seems like our best win of the year, there is BIG NEGATIVE news…

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