Round ’em Up: Tuesday

29 04 2008

If you haven’t read Dan’s article below, give it a look.  Please give a comment and tell me what you think of it!  Also, if you would like the opportunity to write for BrewersNation, send me an email.  We can set up a day where your article would run, and we’d see what kind of response it got.  Anyway, on to the Round ’em Up!

  • Today is a big day for the Milwaukee Brewers.  In case you did not know that, Tom Haudricourt spells it out for you.  Mike Cameron will make his debut for the Crew today, and I am very excited to see him today.  Perhaps he can be a sparkplug for the Brewers offense.  We all know it needs it.  In addition, Ben Sheets comes back from his injury to take on the Chicago Cubs.  It is incredibly easy to overestimate the importance of a game this early in the season, but it is hard to say that this series against the Cubs does not hold some importance.  If the Crew can go into Wrigley and take two games, this week will be an automatic success.
  • Prince Fielder looks to be getting hot at the plate.  In case you needed another reason to think he’s about to break out, Prince looooves the long ball at Wrigley.
  • Sticking with Tom Haudricourt to start the day, he analyzes the clutch hitting for the Brewers.  They were ungodly awful with runners in scoring position (RISP) this weekend against the Florida Marlins.  I would prefer to forget that series ever happened, thank you very much.  J.J. Hardy and Rickie Weeks have been terrible with runners in scoring position this season.  Hardy is a little more worrisome, as he is batting ahead of the pitcher.  If he cannot get the runners in, the team will most likely not score that inning.  We all know the pitcher spot will not drive in the runs.  He needs to step up his game this week.
  • Adam McCalvy answers fans questions in the Brewers mailbag this week.  Is it me, or does Adam seem to shy away from making any bold predictions or any concrete statements?  I suppose that comes with being a writer for the MLB.  You cannot afford to make anyone upset.
  • Here’s an interesting article on Alcides Escobar and how he became such a good fielder.  He actually practiced as a youngster.  What a concept, huh?!  He is a fantastic fielder, but he’s struggled this year defensively for Huntsville.  I’ve been very surprised by that.
  • Are you scrambling for information on Josh Butler, the player the Brewers acquired for Gabe GrossHere’s an article about what happened when the trade occurred.  Interestingly enough, Butler was about ready to pitch against Brevard County when he received word that he was just traded to Milwaukee.  Instead of pitching in that game, he simply crossed the diamond and put his stuff in Brevard County’s dugout.  That is incredibly ironic!
  • Do you hate the Chicago Cubs?  Play Whack-A-Cub and relieve some of that stress.  Plus, it will save you from doing work for a while.
  • RealGM Baseball has their Power Rankings up following Week 4.  I do not mean to be crass, but these rankings are stupid.  There is no possible way that the Cincinnati Reds are four spots better than the Milwaukee Brewers.  Zero chance that is true.
  • People are beginning to ask if Francisco Cordero is worth the money the Reds are paying him.  The answer is no, no closer is worth that much money.  With that said, he has done nothing but convert every save opportunity for Cincinnati.  The problem is that Cincy has given Coco only four chances at a save.  That’s probably not good.



3 responses

29 04 2008

That Whack-A-Cub game just kept me way too busy for way too long. I suppose I should do some work now…I hope the Brewers whack that many Cubs tonight though!!!

29 04 2008

“We all know the pitcher spot will not drive in the runs.”
Unless Gallardo is pitching…

And people are now just beginning to wonder if Cordero is overpaid? I thought we had that debate the minute he was signed. I guess Reds fans are just oblivious to reality until they start to lose. ‘Cause what’s more realistic than Cincy losing?!

29 04 2008

“Unless Gallardo is pitching…”

I agree that Gallardo does have the bat to produce, but he is not a better hitter than Hardy. I think it would be foolish to imply that Yo can drive in more runs than J.J…even if J.J. is struggling out of the gate (like every Brewers hitter other than Kendall and Kapler).

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