Round ’em Up: Sunday

27 04 2008

The Milwaukee Brewers were able to avoid another extra-innings game last night, courtesy of Prince Fielder and hit bomb in the bottom of the eighth inning off of Renyel Pinto.  Prince looks to be locking in at the plate a bit, which is a great sign for a struggling offense.  Carlos Villanueva mixed in his change-up and curveball very well today and logged a quality start for Milwaukee.  Villa looks to be settling into the rotation nicely.  His last two starts have been of the quality variety, and his command was much better last night (0 BB).

Manny Parra takes the hill this afternoon, and I have a sneaking hunch that he is pitching for his job.  If he cannot come out and go about 7 innings and allow 3 runs or less, I believe he will be sent down to the minors on Tuesday when Mike Cameron comes back.  Man, it will be nice to have Mike in the lineup.

  • Ah, the Ben Sheets saga continues.  Will he pitch Tuesday or won’t he?  Benny threw a side session today, and everything went really well.  The fact that none of the coaches or Sheets himself would commit to a decision for next week worries me.  That normally means that something is up.  I hope Ben is able to go on Tuesday, but I would guess that he will sit out for one more start.
  • Jim Powell says that Milwaukee caught the Marlins at a bad time in the year.  They’re a hot team right now.  I don’t know if I would necessarily agree with that.  Milwaukee’s offense is just in a terrible slump right now that is keeping the Fish in these games.  I look for the offense to break out in a big way today…yes, I just made that prediction.
  • How about a little look at the starting rotation and their pitching efficiency?  The Junkball Blues analyzes the numbers, and guess what?  Ben Sheets is our best pitcher.  Shocking!  Although, it is fantastic to see Jeff Suppan come in second on the list.  He’s pitched very nicely this year.
  • Dugout Central says that the real race this April has been a race between Manuel Corpas and Eric Gagne.  Who can have more blown saves in April?  Both are tied with four thus far.  My guess is that Eric Gagne will have more because Corpas lost his job to Brian Fuentes.  Plus, the Milwaukee Brewers have won three out of the four of Gagne’s blow saves.  Not to mention one of those blow saves was not his fault.
  • Baseball Analysts take a look at the 2003 MLB Draft.  Rickie Weeks came in at the top of the list, but it is the general consensus that he has underachieved thus far.  At least he is still getting on base…
  • In non-Brewers news, Matt Morris is absolutely terrible.  And the Pittsburgh Pirates finally figured it out.  Maybe it is his 9.67 ERA.  Maybe it’s the fact that he hasn’t been good in a while now.  Either way, the Pirates are trying to save face and salvage something out of Matt.  A bullpen move could be good, but he hasn’t started out games well either.  Sometimes, you just have to cut your losses and deal with it Pittsburgh.



One response

27 04 2008

Weeks has been killing me lately with his throws to first. Including the ninth inning blown double play (that would have saved Gagne’s blown save) he’s having a real hard time turning two. He’s throws are low even on some regular put outs from 2nd to 1st. I’m not sure where that is coming from, but it worries me. All of the potential talk for Rickie needs to blossom before he ends up getting a “bust” tag on him.

Too early to call, but something to keep an eye on.

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