Round ’em Up: Saturday

26 04 2008

Good morning all.  The Brewers lost a tough one last night.  Yovani Gallardo pitched an absolute gem last night, but the offense was absent.  The Brewers had their lead-off hitter on base eight out of ten innings, yet they were unable to score a run the entire game.  It is hard to get upset with Guillermo Mota too much.  Sure, he essentially walked the game away, but the offense should have scored before that.  Plus, if the infield would have been playing at double play depth, J.J. Hardy would have been able to turn a pretty easy 5-4-3 double play to end the inning.  Instead, he makes an off-balance and difficult throw home that ended up being late and cost the Crew the game.

The Brewers play again tonight, as Carlos Villanueva will battle Mark Hendrickson.  Someone needs to do something to get this offense going…

  • Some of the sabermetrics people are saying that having Jason Kendall bat ninth is paying dividends for the team offensively.  Kendall is playing like a rejuvenated player, but I would like to see the rest of the offense pick it up a bit before I call it a “success.”  It may be working for Kendall personally, but baseball is a team sport.  It shouldn’t affect anyone else, but something is causing this team to slump at the plate.
  • Dugout Central has a recapping of the game last night.  I think the ball and glove logos should be lost.  I haven’t done statistical analysis on it, but I’m pretty sure we lose almost every time we wear them.  Surely Prince Fielder is superstitious enough to note that.
  • The Junkball Blues have stats for the bullpen after the Cardinals and Phillies series.  They are getting WAY overworked.  Something needs to happen so they can get some rest.  Maybe we need 15 pitchers on the roster?!
  • Eli from MLB Rumors is reporting that sources close to Nez Balelo, Ryan Braun‘s agent, are reporting that a long-term deal is close to being completed.  This is very good news for the Brewers and their organization.  I’m not surprised that this will be completed.  Eli does say that he thinks this signing will help in negotiations with Prince Fielder.  My response is…don’t hold your breath.
  • Do you want to vote for who the Brewers should take with the 16th pick in this year’s first-year player draft?  Minor League Ball is conducting a fan draft, and it is the Brewers turn.  It is obvious from the results so far that fans believe that the Crew should take a college-proven pitcher.  I completely agree with that sentiment.
  • Baseball Digest Daily believes that the Brewers should trade for C.C. Sabathia at the trade deadline.  Ummm…do they forget that the Brewers are a small market team?  They cannot afford to mortgage the future for the present.  If that happened, I’m pretty sure I would fall out of my seat out of disgust.  C.C. is a great pitcher, but the Brewers cannot get rid of three or four prospects for him.  And no, we could not sign him to a contract extension.



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