Round ’em Up: Thursday

24 04 2008

Derrick Turnbow came into the game last night and silenced everyone that called for his being traded yesterday.  I felt like he walked into my living room and told me to shut up as I cheered for him in the top of the ninth.  He was impressive last night.  That does not change the fact that I believe that he should stay in more of a mop-up role, but he proved he still has closer-stuff.

  • Yesterday, I posted an article that said Milwaukee Brewers fans are the unluckiest fans in baseball.  Interesting.  Today, however, ESPN reports that Milwaukee Brewers fans are the fourth most satisfied with their team in the MLB.  Fans have Doug Melvin and Jack Z to thank for that.
  • The Baseball Savant makes a revolutionary and eye-opening comment.  The Milwaukee Brewers need Ben Sheets to be healthy.  Oh, I wasn’t aware of that.  Thanks.
  • Speaking of Derrick Turnbow, Tom Haudricourt has a nice post about last night’s game.  You know Derrick has been struggling when he’s getting this emotional about a save.  Interestingly enough, it had been one year to the day since his last save.  It came against the Chicago Cubs in 12 innings.  Prince Fielder also hit two home runs in that game.  I have April 23, 2009 marked down as a save for Derrick Turnbow.  He may not be on the team at the time, but it has to happen.
  • Jim Powell sums up yesterday’s happenings.  No one should be worried about Prince Fielder’s diet anymore.  Everyone watching the game should have been happy for Derrick Turnbow last night.  Geoff Jenkins deserved the standing ovations he received last night.  No one was a better person and ambassador for the game in Milwaukee.  He played hard every night and gave much back to the community.  I was glad to see the fans remember that and not boo him.
  • The Hardball Times has a great analysis of Yovani Gallardo.  The side-by-side videos of his fastball and curveball are extremely interesting.  The Brewers organization have a stud on their hands…in case you didn’t already know.
  • After last night’s awful strike zone called by Rick Reed (if you didn’t see it, it was absolutely atrocious), it seems fitting that Beyond the Boxscore does a study on the consistency of a strike zone.
  • Do you remember Dana Eveland?  He is now on the Oakland Athletics, and he is throwing the ball very well.  Everyone who remembers Dana knows that he has the stuff to be successful at the big league level.  He did have problems with the mental side of the game, but he looks to have figured that stuff out.  Minor League Ball does a nice analysis of Dana right here.



2 responses

24 04 2008
geoff jenkins

I was so happy to see that Geoff Jenkins was not booed last night. That would have disappointed me so much. We would have been like Cubs fans then…

25 04 2008
Baseball Savant

Geez, dude how about you stop being a complete dick and stop reading the website. You send absolutely no traffic my way so you aren’t exactly doing me any favors with the links.

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