Brewers sloppy in loss to Phillies

24 04 2008

The Milwaukee Brewers should not have lost this game.  There is absolutely no excuse.  Jeff Suppan pitched seven innings of one-run ball…an absolute gem of a game.

With a right-handed power-laden lineup against a soft-throwing left-hander, this game was made for the Brewers.  The offense, however, could not handle Jamie MoyerRickie Weeks and Bill Hall both got picked-off, which naturally kills any momentum the team had gathered to that point.  Corey Hart tried to stretch a no-out double into a triple, and got gunned down easily.  That cost the Brewers a run.  The Brewers had the bases loaded in the seventh.  No runs scored.  Tony Gwynn Jr. and Rickie Weeks both struck out looking against Tom Gordon.

To top the game off, David Riske lost the game for the Crew in the top of the eighth inning.  He got the first two batters of the inning to strike out, and all things looked up for the Brewers.  Riske then walked Greg Dobbs, however, and gave up two 0-2 hits that cost the Brewers two runs in the inning.  I repeat, two 0-2 hits.  I understand it can happen once, but not twice.  Riske was understandably upset after the game.  He should be.

All in all, the Milwaukee Brewers should forget this game ever happened.  The Philadelphia Phillies practically handed the game to the Brewers, but the team gave it right back to them.  It’s about three and a half hours since the game ended, and I’m still seething mad.

Oh well, we play tomorrow again, right?  At least the Chicago Cubs lost…



One response

25 04 2008

I was at this game and seeing Rickie and Bill both get gunned down by Moyer’s move to first was embarassing. He stares at them for like 10 minutes then catches them running, throws to first and then the first baseman tosses each out by a mile a second. How does that even happen?

For a team that lived on the RISP during the hitting slump they sure are crashing now. The bats are getting hotter (Hall 3-4, Braun 8 for last 17, Fielder 2 HRs) but we aren’t cashing in anymore. I’d take smart hitting over hitting-a-plenty anyday if it doesn’t result in anything.

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