Round ’em Up: Friday

18 04 2008

Here’s a short smattering of links while I gear up for Friday’s NL Central Review:

  • Prince Fielder is on pace to hit as many home runs as he did last season.  Through 15 games in ’07, he had only one HR.  We’ve brought up this point before though.
  • Prince Fielder may have not been getting too many hits early in the season, but 7 of his 13 hits came with runners in scoring position.  That’s being productive.
  • Bugs and Cranks outlines the situation at the end of the rotation.  Yovani Gallardo will be coming back.  Who will get knocked out?
  • Even Ken Rosenthal is obsessed with Gabe Kapler.  Then again, aren’t we all?
  • John Sickels from Minor League Ball takes a very in depth look at Carlos Villanueva.  John’s stuff is always good.
  • The Brewers call up Mitch Stetter!!!  Hernan Iribarren gets sent back down to Triple-A.  He did well while he was here though.  We’ll see him again.
  • Derrick Turnbow is not happy with his role in the bullpen.  Well, throw more strikes and get more people out, and that will probably change.



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