Round ’em Up: Wednesday

16 04 2008

I hope you all will be pulling hard for the Milwaukee Brewers tonight.  A series win in St. Louis would be huge for the Crew at this point in the season.  Let’s see what we have today:

  • Gabe Kapler is the biggest surprise thus far for Sports Illustrated.  That is no shocker here.  We’ve been raving about Kapler and his production since Spring Training.  Still, no one expected this.
  • Well, we heard the good news about Gabe Kapler.  How about some bad news?  Kapler was shagging balls during warm-ups yesterday when he ran full tilt into the wall trying to catch a ball.  He was scratched from yesterday’s game with a bruised shoulder.  I appreciate his all-out playing style and all, but you have to temper it sometimes.  The outfield is looking a bit thin right now.
  • Ned Yost gave Ryan Braun the day off yesterday, so he can reflect and learn to relax at the plate a bit.  It turns out that Ryan was not all that pleased with getting a day off.  I think that agitation speaks to how much he was pressing to produce at the plate.  He needs to take more pitches.  He’s a stud.  He just needs to harness that raw talent a bit.
  • Tom Haudricourt says that the Milwaukee Brewers are lucky to be 8-5 right now.  Look at the stats that he has posted.  I would never have guessed that the Brewers could be 8-5 with those anemic offensive stats.  Crazy.
  • Rob Bryson takes the Prospect of the Week award home from the Sports Bubbler.  This is a nice feature that they do over there.  Perhaps I will have to adopt a similar feature.  Not the same thing though, that would be copying…
  • Alfonso Soriano had to leave yesterday’s game because of a strained calf.  He’s struggled with injuries the past couple of years.  I hope he gets better because it is awful to see someone get hurt, but it does help the Brewers that this happened.
  • Antonio Nararainsami, 36, died yesterday in an unfortunate accident at Shea Stadium.  He seems to have simply lost his footing and fell.  Our thoughts and sincere condolences go out to his family and friends.



One response

16 04 2008
Kristin Lewis

I just want to let you know that Soriano got hurt by doing that stupid hop he does before he catches a fly ball, which makes me laugh because that hop is annoyingly cocky.

Here’s an article about it:,soriano041508.article

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